What to See in London for Under £10

Last Updated on December 6, 2023

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London is by far my favourite city in the world. With an abundance of things to do but a perception of being expensive, it can be hard sometimes to find budget-friendly things to do and see in London.

I asked some of the top travel influencers around the world to what to see in London for under £10.

These are great things to do in London for everyone that won’t break the bank and will still create amazing memories.

They also don’t just include the usual boring budget-friendly London sightseeing ideas which everyone recommends!

If you are on an even stricter budget, you can read my post on unique things to do in London for free.

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What to see in London for under £10

Enjoy some cheap things to do in London, view from the Sky Garden in London with a wide citscape stretching out under the setting sun with the River Thames to one side

1. The Sky Garden in The Walkie Talkie

Suggested by Kavey Eats

The Sky Garden offers a great way to enjoy a skyscraper view over London without paying for it.

Located at the top of 20 Fenchurch Street, a building affectionately known as the ‘The Walkie-Talkie’ for its distinctive shape, the Sky Garden is accessed on the 34th floor.

As well as the terraced planting and open space from which to enjoy views across London, there are also two bars and three restaurants ranging from brasserie to fine dining restaurant.

Although entrance to the Sky Garden is free, I strongly recommend that you book a slot in advance; these are released weekly on Mondays.

There are a small number of slots reserved for free walk-ins but space is limited, and some days are blocked out for private events.

The nearest tube station is Monument. Visitors are subject to an airport-style security check before entry.

If you are wondering what to see in London – and you want to do some free sightseeing in London – this is a fantastic introduction to the city!

Try out these things to do with a small budget in London, view of underside of bridge crossing the River Thames with rocky beach leading down into the water and nighttime city skyline behind

2. Try mudlarking!

Suggested by Coddiwomp

If you head to London, why not take a break from the typical tourist trail and have a go mudlarking? It’s easily one of the most unique things to do in London on a budget.

This lesser-known London activity takes you to the banks of the River Thames at low tide, when its ‘beaches’ become exposed.

Once there, you roam the waterfront, eyes down, searching amongst the debris for the historic artefacts that live there.

London is an ancient City and its shores reveal its stories. You might find clay pipes, oyster shells, pottery, glasswork, hundred year old shoes, old coins and far far more.

Basically, it’s a veritable treasure trove of intrigue! And It’s truly one of the most unique experiences in London.

Mudlarking is a strangely compelling thing to do and connects you to the people who came before you, giving you an insight into the history of the city all for free!

Enjoy some free sightseeing in London this summer, rows of uniformed Palace Guards with iconic red blazers and large black headpieces parading outside the palace gates with brass musical instruments

3. Watch the changing of the guard

Suggested by We Go With Kids

One can’t miss budget attraction in London is Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, King Charles III’s official London residence.

The Changing of the Guard ceremony occurs at 11:00 a.m. at least four times a week in the spring and summer months according to the posted schedule.

During the ceremony, the King’s Guard hand over responsibility for protecting Buckingham Palace at St. James’ Palace to the New Guard.

The Palace Guards dressed in scarlet tunics and black fury hats perform a musical military ceremony as they parade from Wellington Barracks to Buckingham Palace.

There is no fee to watch Changing of the Guard, but it necessary to arrive early to stake out a good spot to watch the 45-minute ceremony.

Picking up ice cream or snacks for the wait is never a bad idea, either.

Even the rare tourist who does not closely follow the royals will enjoy this ceremony filled with pomp and circumstance. It’s one of the best free attractions in London!

If you are wondering what to see in London that’s uniquely English then watch this!

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Check out these free attractions in London, view of Tower Bridge with flags flying in the wind under a bright blue sky with some clouds

4. Take a walk along the South Bank of the River Thames

Suggested by My Adventures Across The World

Given its (accurate) reputation as an expensive city, you might be surprised to know that one of the best things to do in London is completely free!

A walk along the South Bank of the river Thames, indeed, provides a stunning view of some of the most iconic landmarks of the British capital.

In short, it’s a great way to do some cheap London sightseeing.

Especially on a sunny day, it’s delightful to spot monuments such as the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London and, right next to them, the skyscrapers of the city.

It’s an eclectic mix of old and new that makes the city all the more unique and interesting.

Don't miss these cheap things to do in London for students, view of the inside of the coutryard of the British Museum with its expansive criss-cross patterned glass roof

5. Visit the British Museum

Suggested by Two Traveling Texans

Like many other museums in London, admission to the British Museum is free and is a must-see in London.

Architecturally it is unique, with a modern roof over the Great Court added to the classic building. The real draw, though, is the vast collection of historical pieces.

You won’t want to miss seeing the Rosetta Stone, artifacts from Ancient Greece and Egypt, the treasures from Sutton Hoo, the Lindow man and much more.

If possible, I would recommend allowing at least 3 hours for your visit; the museum is huge, and trying to see everything they have is one of the longer things to do in London city.

If you aren’t able to see everything you should at least be able to cover the highlights. Go early if you can as the museum will get crowded.

Explore some cheap London activities, aerial nighttime view of London with many illuminated buildings lining the River Thames

6. Grab a great view from Waterloo Bridge

Suggested by Nomadic Boys

One of our favourite things to do in London is walking over Waterloo Bridge, which connects the Aldwych/Covent Garden on one side, to the Embankment on the other.

This is where the River Thames bends, therefore giving you one of the best views of the city.

As you cross over from the Embankment side, on your left you have the view of Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the Millennium Wheel, and further afield.

On your right you have the view of St Paul’s Cathedral, the Shard, Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf. It’s stunning, and more so in the evening when it’s all lit up.

Relax with these cheap activities in London, interior of cat cafe with two cats sitting on wooden furniture and shelving behind a table made from a repurposed tree log covered in vibrant drinks and plates of cakes
Photo @ This is a coffee shop (with cats)

7. Have a coffee with cats!

Suggested by Explore the Great Ocean Road

We just loved this quirky little cafe when we visited London as it was something so different and the owners made sure their felines were so well cared for.

They have a few basic rules to abide by and a 5-pound cover charge. Customers can come in and settle down for just a cuppa or some lovely food as well.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a book and make the most of the hour-long stays whilst enjoying the company of the cats.

No touching or picking them up though as each cat does what cats do so well… they choose their human company.

The cafe is in trendy Shoreditch and must be the most welcoming little cafe in London. It’s perfect if you’re looking for non touristy things to do in London.

Not for those with allergies to cats… but an absolute winner for those of us who love the wonderful little furballs. Bookings required via their website.

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Travel to some of the best sights to see in London, upward view of the many towers and domes on the roof of Greenwich Royal Observatory

8. Planetarium Show at the Royal Observatory Greenwich

Suggested by The Discoveries Of

It’s no secret that I love Greenwich!

This quaint village that kind of got sucked into the city is packed with cool things to do, including seeing the Planetarium Show at the Royal Observatory.

The Royal Observatory is a great place to visit for history and science buffs wondering what to see near London, and you should make sure you book in for one of the planetarium shows.

Before I went I had no idea of what to expect, but came away loving it. The show is presented by an astronomer in the digital planetarium.

Throughout the course of experience, the astronomer takes you on a guided tour into space – explaining the planets and stars that you encounter along the way.

The audience get to vote where they want to explore next and off you go.  Sounds awesome right? What’s better is that it’s only £8.

Dodge the crowds with these non touristy things to do in London, dark sky lit up with a series of colourful bursts of fireworks

9. Attend the Battersea Park Fireworks

Suggested by Nomadic Boys

Wondering what to see and do in London in the fall?

Every year in early November, we always visit the Battersea Park fireworks display, which is part of the Guy Fawkes Night on the 5th November.

On Saturday just before or after, Wandsworth Council in South London arranges one of the biggest fireworks displays.

We love it – it’s a 15-20 minutes spectacle of really pretty fireworks of all shapes and sizes, carefully choreographed to modern pop songs.

Tickets for the event are usually £10 or less per person, and you can purchase them online beforehand.

It is very popular, so get extremely busy, but not in a suffocating way – every spot in the park will offer you a good view, as you only need to look up to the sky.

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Enjoy some free and cheap things to do in London, close up shot of the stone plaque declaring the site of the Greenwich Meridian

10. Greenwich Meridian

Suggested by Show Them the Globe

One of the best free things to do in London is to visit the Maritime Greenwich.

It’ll only cost you the return tube journey (around 40 minutes from Tower Bridge) and it’s a lovely escape from city life.

Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 Greenwich Meridian is a collection of historic buildings between the Thames and the top of the hill of Greenwich Park.

Take a stroll up the hill through the park and chill on the grass with one of the best views of the London skyline before you.

Make sure to walk to the top of the hill to the Meridian building where you can actually stand on the meridian line of Greenwich Mean Time!

After chilling in the park we loved strolling through the nearby Greenwich Market which is packed with lots of eateries and quirky shops.

Don't miss these historic things to do in the city of London, view from the River Thames of a wide white boat heading towards the tall stone towers of Tower Bridge

11. Admire Tower Bridge

Suggested by Arzo Travels

With the ever-changing selection of cheap London activities, people are often left wondering about what free things to do in London this week.

But one thing that is definitely not going to leave the list of free and cheap things to do in London anytime soon is Tower Bridge!

The Tower Bridge is one of London´s most iconic sights, it is a unique bascule and suspension bridge, and beautiful to look at.

Its interesting shape and design has made it a popular photo motive amongst visitors but it is also handy as it crosses the Thames River and crossing it is actually a thing you should do at least once.

Passing the bridge is free (do we not all love things that are free?), and lets you do some essential sightseeing in London.

But you can also get a ticket for £9.80 for the Tower Bridge Exhibition and can see more of the bridge – including the Victorian Engine Room.

If you are lucky you can also use this ticket to use the walkways (which are the pedestrian walkways higher above).

Crossing the Tower Bridge is a fun (and busy) activity in London that you should have on your itinerary.

Go sightseeing in London for your next vacation, outdoor area populated with many people sitting and standing in the sun enjoying a cool drink with a large palm tree in the foreground

12. Pop Brixton

Suggested by Pure Wander

Forget the old stereotypes about food in London! Culinary prowess is alive and well, especially among the city’s markets and outdoor foodie gathering spaces.

One of ours is south of the river, called Pop Brixton. What was once just some temporary, ugly shipping containers is now a hub of art, music, and amazing street food.

It’s free to enter for a browse, and you can pick up some cheap eats like homemade ham and cheese crepes to go.

Hang out during the day or at night, and catch some special events, like yoga classes and vintage record pop-up shops.

Try out these great things to do in London, view from high up of the rooftops of London looking out towards the River Thames and Tower Bridge in the distance under a bright sky

13. The Monument

Suggested by The Roaming Renegades

The monument is one of the most overlooked attractions in London but also one of the best when you are on a budget.

For the nominal fee of only £4.50 you not only get to take in one of the best panoramas of this amazing city but also some of its most fascinating history.

So we’ve all heard of the Great Fire of London, but how many people know of this fluted hidden behind more modern buildings that marks the exact spot on what was Pudding Lane where it started in 1666.

The monument as it is simply known was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and completed in 1677 in tribute to this terrible event.

The 202 ft (62 m) tall tower requires a steep and narrow 311 step climb but the views from the listed building are worth it!

You’ll be able to see the whole range of what sights to see in London from the top!

Getting to the Monument couldn’t be easier. Get off the tube at “Monument” station. It is at the northern end of London Bridge (Not to be confused with Tower Bridge!)

Don’t miss out on one of the best things to do in the city of London!

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Engage in some cheap London sightseeing, view of Westminster Abbey with the outside lit up with colourful projections at nighttime

14. The free dazzling Lumiere London Festival

Suggested by My Travel Scrapbook

January can be a dark and wet month to visit the city of London but fear not as the city lights up during the annual Lumiere London festival.

Over 50 dazzling artworks transform the city into a spectacular light show. Iconic buildings and traditional architecture are illuminated.

Quirky light installations are dotted across the English capital. Each year over 1 million people visit this free festival which takes place over four nights.

Therefore, don’t fret if your visit to London falls in dreary January.

Just grab a warm scarf, your waterproofs, a good camera and you are ready to enjoy the UK’s largest light event, the magnificent Lumiere London festival.

Discover the top things to do in London for free, view of Camden Lock Market with two canal boats moored in the still waters of a canal with many people wandering along the shores amongst the colourful market stalls

15. Camden Lock Market and Canal Walk

Suggested by Travel Kiwis

When in London, one of the best things to do is a canal walk to Camden Lock Market.

Just take the underground to Camden Town, walk along the High Street, and follow the signs to the canal.

The Camden Market is especially popular at weekends as it is one of the top attractions in London.

It’s probably the vibrancy of the market that makes it the place to be at any time of the day or evening.

If you love shopping for quirky items, bric-a-brac, arts and crafts, you will find it here. And if food is your passion, the variety of delicious food stalls is amazing.

Camden Market is the place to meet up with friends and relax at the water’s edge of the beautiful Regent Canal.

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Try out these cheap experiences in London, view of a wide expanse of stained glass windows from inside Westminster Abbey

16. Visit Westminster Abbey during a Choral (Evensong) Service for Free

Suggested by Boomeresque

If you have the time and money, it is definitely worth visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site, 773 year old Westminster Abbey to do the self-guided audio-guide tour.

However, the web sale adult admission price is a hefty £20.

Alternatively, look up the schedule of services, and you can walk up to the front door and inform the door keeper you are there to attend the worship service.

You don’t need a ticket and there is no charge.

You won’t be free to roam around the Abbey, but you will be able to sit in the magnificent interior and listen to beautiful liturgical music.

Each week, the schedule of choral services is posted on the Abbey’s website.

Try out some of the best things to do in London for cheap, tables and chairs arranged around some tall and elaborately detailed pillars holding up a high and equally extravagant ceiling

17. Visit the V&A and Its Cafe

Suggested by Travelnuity

One of the most gorgeous museums in London is the Victoria & Albert Museum, or just the V&A as it’s usually known these days.

It’s the world’s largest museum of decorative art and design, and is located in the museum-hotspot of Knightsbridge, right next to the Natural History Museum.

And like most other museums in London, entry is free, which is why it’s a no-brainer for what to see in London on a budget.

But it’s worthwhile spending a little to appreciate one of my favourite parts of the museum: the V&A Cafe.

The main museum cafe is housed in the original Victorian-era refreshment rooms, designed by James Gamble, William Morris and Edward Poynter.

No ordinary cafe, these grand rooms are the height of opulence.

So spend up to £3 on tea or coffee, maybe a little extra for cake or scones, and sit back and enjoy the splendid surroundings.

Experience some of the best things to do and see in London for free, several gold-framed paintings depicting rural scenes arranged on a wall behind an elaborately decorated gold-topped table with ornaments on top

18. Visit the Wallace Collection

Suggested by The Fashion Matters

Wallace Collection is an art museum located at Hertford house at the heart of London and is open to the public since 1900.

It features an impressive and extensive collection of fine arts dating back to the 15th to the 19th centuries.

The museum is home to important paintings, drawings, porcelain, ceramic and furniture.

Its strength is said to be French arts from the 18th century. Indeed, the museum embodies the rich history of Europe from all periods.

However, Wallace Collection is not for art enthusiasts only; The beauty of its interior, decor and galleries could be appreciated by everyone.

At the museum, there is also a French restaurant located in a stunning courtyard on the ground floor. And the best part? It’s one of the best things to do in London for FREE!

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Try out these things to see and do in London for free, tables and chairs arranged around large square stone pillars holding up a low vaulted ceiling with upward facing floodlights illuminating the brickwork

19. Afternoon Tea at the Crypt Café at St Martin in the Fields

Suggested by Escape With Kids

If you want to take a blissful break from all the things to see and do in London, head to the iconic Café in the Crypt at St Martin in the Fields church.

This quiet oasis in Trafalgar Square is a must see in London.

The atmospheric crypt below the church with its magnificent vaulted ceiling is the perfect place to escape the city crowds and enjoy a traditional English afternoon tea.

Less than £10 will get you delicious finger sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream, cakes and a pot of tea.

There may be fancier afternoon teas available in London, but you would be hard-pressed to find a cheaper one!

Alternatively, save a few pounds by just having a coffee and choose a special memento at the wonderful gift shop.

Enjoy some things to do in London on a budget, side of large apartment building depicting large pieces of street art including a topless Palace Guard break-dancing and a highly detailed black and white bird

20. Go on a street art tour in Shoreditch

Suggested by Travellers Archive

One of the cheapest things to do in London is to do a street art tour in Shoreditch.

This area of London is where the most street artists have left their works in the past 20 years, from Belgian graffiti artist ROA to French street artist Space Invador and Banksy himself.

There is hardly another city in Europa with so many street art pieces; the creativity alone make these murals some of the best things in London to see.

You can either walk around by yourself, which is easy to do, as most important pieces of street art are not hidden.

On the contrary, in Shoreditch you could just follow the crowds to find the best street art.

Some street art is harder to find, such as the famous Space Invader formations that are hanging on house facades.

Another option is to take a street art tour that is offered by many tour operators. It takes about two hours for the guide to take you to the most important street art pieces.

Wondering what to see in London that’s unique? Checking out the street art in the East is top!

Discover what sights to see in London for cheap, close up shot of a line of violinists all performing in concert

21. Watch a free concert at St Martin-in-the-fields

Suggested by Greedy Gourmet

One of the best things to do in London for under £10 is to go to St. Martin-in-the-Fields, which is located next to Trafalgar Square, and watch free concerts.

St. Martin, which is a church built in the 1200’s, offers up their space to musical guests on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays between 1 and 2 pm.

The performers, students from the Royal Academy of Music, are an eclectic range of musicians from classical to pop.

Because the performers are students, this is one of the more popular cheap things to do in London for students from other local colleges and universities as well as tourists.

Each show lasts 45 minutes and they offer a limited number of seats. If you are taking a break from work or just on holiday, it’s a wonderful place to spend your lunch hour.

Find out what to see and do in London for free, narrow lane at nighttime with imposingly close brick walls and shop windows seemingly leaning in on each other leading towards a shop front with a bright street lamp affixed to the front

22. Do the Jack the Ripper Tour

Suggested by Delve Into Europe

This is definitely one of the darkest sights to see in London.

In the late 19th century, the East End of London was an industrial slum, a warren of dim, gas-lit streets and alleyways where the overcrowded immigrant poor lived in fetid squalor.

It was here, over a three-month period in 1888 that a series of grisly murders of women were committed, by an unknown serial killer, or possibly killers.

The ‘Jack the Ripper’ case has exerted fascination so long because it was the first such case to spark intense media coverage, and the mystery was never solved.

Several different tours run daily, departing in the early evening, around the areas the crimes were committed, Whitechapel and Spitalfields.

The various walks are run by experts in the field of ‘Ripperology’.

Some visit the sights of the murders and haunts of the victims, while others are less literal, going for places that still look similar to how they would have at the time of the murders.

You can be transported back to this time, even seeing copies of ‘Jack’’s letters and police documents, for just £10 per adult.

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Enjoy some things to do in London city for free, wide stone stairway leading upwards in a slow spiral inside the Tate Modern Museum

23. Visit the Tate Modern

Suggested by History Fan Girl

One of my favorite London activities is going to the Tate Modern, which is a world-class modern art museum.

Open every day (with hours into the evening!), it’s an easy stop to put on any London itinerary since it’s located across from St. Paul’s and by the Millennium bridge.

While the art is fantastic, people also come to appreciate the architecture. The interiors are intriguing, and their hyper-new feel blends perfectly well with the works on display.

The best part of visiting the Tate Modern, aside from seeing the amazing, thought-provoking works of art, is that there’s no charge to see the permanent collection.

Everyone who is interested in experiencing modern art in London can stroll in without having to get a ticket.

The only charge is if you want to see the special exhibits or if you want to make a purchase in the cafe or gift shop, which makes the Tate Modern one of the best cheap things to do in London.

Choose which free things to do in London this week, wide view of courtyard inside Somerset House with people wandering amongst the large fountain jets in the centre surrounded by large ornate white and brick buildings on all sides under a bright blue sky with clouds

24. Get In Touch With Your Artistic Side At Somerset House

Suggested by England Explore

A great non touristy activity is to take in one of the many excellent – and free or cheap (less than £10) – arts events held at Somerset House, off The Strand in Central London, home to a thriving arts community.

Recent exhibitions have included Es Devlin’s Mask (“An ovoid, mask-shaped concave form is sculpturally imprinted with dense urban geometry….”), a showcase of modern English-South Asian artists and the launch of a musical group’s latest EP.

If your tastes are a little more conventional then Somerset House also hosts the world famous Courthauld Gallery containing many world famous paintings (such as Manet’s ‘A Bar at the Folies-Bergère’, pictured).

It’s less busy than the National Gallery and a bargain at £8.  Anyway, whatever your artistic preferences, there’ll be something for you to enjoy at Somerset House.

Find the best cheap things to do in London this fall, view of the grey stonework of the Tower of London from the River Thames with people walking along the banks of the river on a raised platform outside the building under a grey cloudy sky

25. Cruising on the River Thames for less than £10

Suggested by ASocialNomad

Ahoy! Be ye lookin’ for nautical things to do in London for cheap? Look no further than ye olde Thames Clippers!

Taking a cruise along the River Thames could cost you a small fortune, but you can see exactly the same sights for less than £10 by taking the commuters favourite the Thames Clippers.

You can pay for the boats using your Oyster or contactless card. For the princely sum of £7.50, you could travel all the way from Putney in the West Zone to Woolwich in the East Zone.

The main sights you’ll want to see, though are between Battersea Power Station and Canary Wharf (just £6.50).

There’s seating inside and out, a small café on board (sandwiches, soft drinks, beers) and some amazing photo opportunities.

So load up your Lonely Planet to your Kindle, read all about the sights en-route and get your camera ready!

Try out some of the best things to do in London for free, view of the main stage inside Shakespeare's Globe Theater with large ornate pillars and a detailed balcony running behind

26. Watch a play at Shakespeare‘s Globe

Suggested by Global Introvert

You think theatre in London is expensive? Think again. At Shakespeare’s Globe, a replica of the bard’s original theatre in London’s Southwark, you can watch performances for as little as 5 pounds.

That price will allow you to become a so-called groundling: one of the people in the yard, the standing-room area right in front of the stage.

Yes, it means you have to watch the whole play standing up, but in return, you’re right in the middle of the action.

Where else can you watch a play literally leaning against the stage while there are actors running through the crowd and the play happens all around you?

A must-do, not just for theatre nerds and fans of the bard, but anyone looking for good value-for-money entertainment in London.

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Discover these things in London to see for free, aerial view of the River Thames and the O2 Arena on the opposite side with the Emirates Air Line Cable Car to the left hand side

27. Emirates Air Line Cable Car

Suggested by Between England and Iowa

Considered part of the TFL (Transport For London) network, the Emirates Air Line Cable Car is a fun London experience.

It connects North Greenwich on the Jubilee Underground line to Royal Victoria on the Docklands Light Railway.

This aerial cable car costs as little at £4.50 (cheaper for Oyster Card holders) for a single trip across the River Thames with views of the Royal Docks and the O2 Arena, and an audio ‘tour’ while you enjoy the flight.

Oyster Card holders can benefit from a return trip and entrance to the Emirates Aviation Experience for £8.40 (£10.70 with an Oyster Card).

Discover what to see near London for less than £10, close up shot of a cluster of traffic lights

28. See The Traffic Light Tree

Suggested by Barefoot Nomad

This eight meter tall traffic light tree by French sculptor Pierre Vivant dominates the Trafalgar Way roundabout next to the famous Billingsgate Market.

It has a whopping 75 functional, computer controlled traffic lights that blink on and off in a confusing blast of lights.

While the sculpture doesn’t really direct traffic, it’s definitely enough to stress out even the most confident driver! It’s free to access.

Enjoy some cheap things to do in London, back of person walking into a brightly lit room full of neon lights and signs

29. God’s Own Junkyard

Suggested by Travel Outlandish

Finding weird things to do in London is awfully easy, but some things are still worth a novelty seeker’s time.

Way the hell out there in Walthamstow, you’ll find God’s Own Junkyard, a salvage yard displaying Europe’s largest collection of vintage neons and signs.

The all-in-one gallery, café, and bar created by Chris Bracey displays everything from classic neons to signs borrowed from old-school sex shops and 60’s hotels.

When in London, stop by for a drink and (let’s be honest) a pretty rad Instagram photo.

Check out these things to do with a small budget in London, close up of sign outside shop front declaring "Beigel Bake Brick Lane Bakery, Open 24 Hours 7 Days"
Don't miss these cheap things to do in London for students, close up shot of a salt beef bagel wrapped in brown paper packaging

30. Try a famous Salt Beef Bagel in Shoreditch

Suggested by Eternal Arrival

If you want to do one of the best – and most delicious – things in London you can do with less than a tenner, head on over to Brick Lane in Shoreditch, where you can’t miss a tasty salt beef beigel!

The famous Beigel Bake shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – but that doesn’t stop there from being a massive line virtually any time of the day or night!

However, never fear – the line moves very quickly, and in no time you’ll have a piping hot, fresh salt beef beigel in your hands for less than 5 quid.

A salt beef beigel is a freshly baked bagel with meltingly tender corned beef (also called salt beef), warm and fresh out of the oven.

There’s a smear of mustard and also a large pickle in every beigel, which complements the beef perfectly.

It’s best eaten while walking admiring Shoreditch’s excellent street art, perusing the funky vintage clothing shops, or while walking through the covered markets full of other street food eats.

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Tell me below what you would choose to do in the city of London. Do you want to know what to see in London if you are on a REALLY tight budget? Then make sure you read my article on amazing FREE things to do in London!

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Can I enjoy London on a budget?

Absolutely. There are many fun and unique things to do with a small budget in London. In fact, many of the top things to do in London cost less than £10! Just keep in mind that hostels and hotels within the city centre are still pretty costly compared to other British cities.

✅ How much money do you need per day in London?

On a tight budget, you can still enjoy London on less than £90 per day. This includes food, accommodation, transport and activities. The more cheap activities in London you indulge in, the more you can save for other expenses.

✅ What is the cheapest month to visit London?

While many of the sights to see in London are free year-round, the accommodation is more affordable during the off-season from November to March.

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London Sightseeing: What to See in London for Under £10

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  • Marilyn
    June 4, 2018

    I saw a recent TV programme on this and I believe that you need to buy a permit for Mudlarking these days – it is to protect the heritage aspect of the Thames foreshore… the permit s partly and agreement to share knowledge of your findings

  • Bernie and Jess Watt
    June 8, 2018

    God’s Own Junkyard looks amazing. Thanks for the tip.

  • James
    July 4, 2019

    This traveling guide is going to be very helpful for me on my upcoming journey to London. Thanks, for suggesting this useful piece of information. These places are very close to Central London so it will be easy to travel from Park City hotel which would be our accommodation in Kensington.