Why You Should Travel Before University

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Why You Should Travel Before University

This is something I believe in quite passionately from my experience.  I came out of school, studied for a year and then couldn’t find a job in my chosen sector and got confused about if I really wanted to do that in the first place. This is why I recommend to travel before university.

I hear and see so many people who come out of high school and go straight into enrolling themselves into university for 3 years and spend thousands of dollars on a student loan.

In no way am I saying you shouldn’t get an education, but why start this expensive process when you are not even sure if that’s what you really want to do?  Don’t crack under the pressure that everyone has to go to university straight away when they leave school.  Travelling has cost me less than my student loan (so far) and I have learnt some valuable life lessons.


I thought I would give you a few questions to think about if you are planning on studying after school and not having a gap year.  If your answers mirror a negative response then maybe look into getting a job, saving that money and travelling!  Travelling doesn’t have to be scary while you are young either.

You could start off by doing a few tours with tour groups such as TravelTalk and Contiki.  It is an easy and comfortable option if you are not comfortable with the idea of travelling alone.  On the plus side, you will also meet loads of people who you might decide to travel with in the future too.


So, after that ramble here are the questions you should ask yourself!

  • Does the career choice your choosing have plenty of jobs available?
  • Are the jobs going to be where you were planning on living?
  • Can you see yourself doing this career for the foreseeable future?
  • Are you prepared to be paying off your student loan off for at least 10 years?
  • Are you planning on travelling after university and if so for how long? How will that effect your interest payments on your student loan?
  • Does your career feel like a passion or a job? If it feels like a job, look elsewhere!


There are a few questions to think about.  I know leaving school can feel like a daunting and pressured time, but it shouldn’t have to feel like that.  Even if you are not 100% sure on university why don’t you take a year off to work and put some savings behind you then re-access in a years time.  I feel like there is this pressure that everyone should go to university straight out of school but I question you to think more about that!

Why You Should Travel Before University

If you are wondering where this idea for this blog post comes from, it came from my own experience.  I left school, studied in interior design and then realised there were no jobs at that time and the few that weren’t where I wanted to live.  I had years worth of student loan which, when I moved to London, gained a grand and a half interest.

Obviously, every country is going to be different – my student loan was with the NZ government.  I don’t regret what I did because you should never regret your past as that’s what made you YOU today.

I hope this helped just one of you! Let me know below if you would travel before university.


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