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Last Updated on May 7, 2023

China is the most populous country with numerous tourist attractions that are waiting to be explored. There’s something for everyone when it comes to travelling in China.

Shanghai is definitely one of the most interesting parts of China, and the most popular city for expats to settle down in too.

The city has a long and notable history. It started as a small village in 960, but it has progressively grown through time. Now it is the largest city in this big country and the home of the most important corporations and banks. But if you still do want to see smaller towns nearby there are plenty of water towns such as Qibao and Xinchang.

The fast development of the city of Shanghai began with the coming of Brits, Americans, and French citizens. Shanghai is located on the coast of the East China Sea with several rivers that cross through the territory of the city. 

The city has therefore been very important as the infrastructure centre, thanks to the geographical conditions and other natural specifications of the area. The biggest port has been, for example, located in the city for centuries, so the city has been of crucial significance for the trade exchange and economy of China and the entire region. 

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The large seaport was mainly responsible for the big numbers of foreigners that arrived in the city at particular periods. Many started loving the city, and that’s why they decided to permanently stay there. 

Foreign companies and banks followed their citizens, so they transferred their headquarters to Shanghai. That’s how the fast progress of the city started. Now, you can find different quarters in the city including those that belong to Brits, Americans, and the French.

There is even a synagogue in the city, that was built by Jewish immigrants that arrived together with other foreigners. Shanghai is now a very populous city with almost 25,000,000 million citizens so if you’re getting a Chinese visa to do business in China, then this can be a big advantage.

It also attracts the attention of many foreigners, thanks to these and other aspects. There are many remarkable tourist attractions in the city, and it is definitely an unforgettable experience to visit at least some of these tourist attractions in Shanghai.

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How to get to Shanghai

There are fantastic transport routes internationally and domestically into Shanghai directly from airlines such as Air China, China easter, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. 

BUT you definitely want to consider when you come to China as I highly recommend avoiding Chinese holidays such as the New Year as prices are typically more expensive and there are much more people coming in and out of the city.

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Shanghai landmarks

Shanghai’s Promenade, Yu Garden, Xujiahui Cathedral and the Sheshan Basilica, The China Art Museum, the Jade Buddha Temple, Jin Mao Tower, and Skywalk, Longhua Temple, and Pagoda are definitely some of these. Each of the locations has an enormous value, despite the fact, there are big and crucial differences between them. 

Let’s dive into why you should visit these beautiful places on a trip to Shanghai. 

Shanghai’s Promenade

Shanghai’s Promenade is, for example, the most important part of the city when it comes to walking and enjoying the fresh air. The metropolis is indeed crowded as one of the most populous urban places in the entire world. Still, the promenade provides a lot of free space so it is typically a favourite place for gathering there. 

Masses of people can comfortably walk without interfering, next to each other. There are also many coffee and souvenir shops near the promenade so you can take a pause, drink your favourite beverage and purchase some of the remarkable souvenirs for the memory of your Shanghai adventure.  

The promenade is located in a beautiful place, following the bank of the Huangpujiang River. However, it is just a beginning when it comes to the tourist opportunities in the city. 

Yu Garden, the Jade Buddha Temple, Xujiahui Cathedral, the China Art Museum, and Jin Mao Tower are definitely other must-see locations. 

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Yu Garden

Yu Garden was developed by the Ming dynasty in 1559. It has been one of the most notable places of that sort in the entire world. The Garden spreads across two hectares, and you can find various interesting objects at the location.

Some are truly old with outstanding architecture, so it is a real pleasure to explore them. The Garden is also home to many unique plants, you cannot easily find at other locations. 

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Temples and Churches

The Jade Buddha Temple and Xujiahui Cathedral are also two amazing temples. The first one belongs to the Buddhist community, while the second one is a Christian Church. Both buildings are unique in their own ways, so you should not miss the opportunity to visit each of them. 

Shanghai has a lot to offer so you might not have enough time to visit all of them at a single stay. 

Still, you should definitely give your best to visit as many locations as possible.

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