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Anita Hendrieka
Anita Hendrieka

Short version


Anita Hendrieka is a New Zealand travel blogger currently based in Albania, who left her home at the tender age of 19 to learn more about this crazy beautiful world.  She shares all her adventures on her blog to inspire you to experience unforgettable adventures too.



Longer and more personal version


My name is Anita Dykstra and I run this travel blog Anita Hendrieka.  I started this blog in 2011 with the envision to inspire people to travel and help them plan their adventures.  It’s now turned into something bigger than I ever could have imagined. 


I am passionate about travel and I love to convince people to see the world for themselves and not through the tv.  I believe that travelling is one of the best forms of education.  This is from my personal experience as I know for me, I have learnt more about history, geography, cultures, and countries than I ever did in school.


My tagline is ‘experience unforgettable adventures’.  I believe that no matter how much money you have in the world, your travels are far more valuable and make you richer as a person.  At the end of the day, I think of it like this.  Do I want people to talk about how much money I made at my funeral or do I want them to talk about all the adventures, memories and crazy experiences I had in my life?  I know my answer, what is yours?

Let’s get into the juicy stuff

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My blog receives over 70,000 unique visitors and 91,000 page views per month.  My main audience is from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.  I have a total of around 37,000 followers throughout my social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.


You can email me at contact@anitahendrieka.com for my full media kit.


Here’s what you can expect while working with Anita Hendrieka

Engaged audience

I don’t think of my followers as only followers, I think of them as friends. I love to communicate in a personal tone as I feel like people can relate to me a lot more. I have been blogging since 2011 which means I have gathered a loyal and solid relationship with them, one that is built on trust! I am very honest with my readers as I know that I would want people to be honest with me.


I am always very conscious when working with brands and tourism boards that I am being the most professional that I can be. I am very reliable when it comes to answering back emails and very prompt with deadlines. You can expect the utmost professionalism when you work with me.

Quality content

I am passionate about providing the best content for my readers. This includes articles, photographs, and videos! You can expect the content I provide for you to be the best quality. Photography has always been a passion of mine so I can provide excellent photography as well as short videos and Instagram stories.

Social media wiz

Social media is incredibly interesting to me and everything I know today is self-taught. I have a real interest in social media marketing which means you can expect the best quality. I am constantly educating myself further on how to reach more of the right people.

Who I have worked with

“I worked with Anita on a sponsored campaign for one of our clients in the traveling sector, she produced a beautiful copy with huge editorial value, way ahead of the deadline we agreed. We chose Anita because of the quality content we found on her blog and she delivered on every possible sense, a great decision all round.”
"Anita was very professional in every step of our communication. She was very open and flexible and understood perfectly what we were looking for, so our collaboration went very well. Not only that, she over-delivered. We would be happy to work with her again in the future."

Seen on...

as seen on Anita Hendrieka
"We commissioned Anita to write a sponsored article on our behalf, and the result was more than satisfactorily. The article was in-depth, well-written, and overall met all of our expectations. A very pleasant experience, and we look forward to working with her again in the future"

What topics do I specialize in?

I specialize in a range of topics which are all listed below.  There are many different ways people like to travel so I like to cover the different aspects that I consider myself an expert in.

Unique guides

I love getting to know a city or town by finding out the most unique and off-beat things to do. Therefore, I love to provide unique travel guides to my audience and not the usual boring guides people are familiar with!

Solo Female travel

Solo female travel

I have been travelling since 2012 and 90% of that time I have been by myself. As a solo female, I have travelled to places such as the Middle East, North Africa and India. I love to provide real and factual information for solo female travellers and I’m passionate about squashing misconceptions about females travelling alone.

new zealand

New Zealand

I am a born and bred Kiwi, so I love writing and promoting New Zealand tourism. New Zealand will always have a special place in my heart.

Albanian Weekly Aventurës 3 –The Good, Bad & REALLY Ugly


I currently live in Albania, so I write a lot of content about this country. It’s one of the last countries in Europe which is off the beaten path and it has so many unexplored areas, plus the most beautiful beaches in Europe!

responsible travel

Responsible tourism

When I travel I make sure I do it responsibly. Travelling should be an authentic experience and should always be done responsibly. There should never be any exploitation of people, animals, and nature.

adventure travel

Adventure travel

I love a good adventure, who doesn’t?! From skydiving to snorkelling I love exploring the adventure side of regions around the world. Getting my diving license has been on my bucket list for years now!

first-time travellers

First-time travel

I am passionate about inspiring others to go and see the world for themselves, which is why I write a lot of content for people who are first-time travellers.

Budget and backpacking

Budget and backpacking

I spent years travelling on a tight budget which means I know all the travel hacks there is to know! Nowadays I like to mix budget travel with luxury travel too. I guess this means I’m getting older!

luxury travel

Luxury travel

I love checking out luxury hotels and experiences around the world. Who wouldn’t love chilling in an island retreat in the Maldives?

Sample Campaigns

There are many other campaigns, tourism boards and brands I have worked with over the years.  If you would like to hear more about them then feel free to give me an email (contact@anitahendrieka.com)

An interesting way to see the hidden local spots in the Wairarapa, NZ
The clearest lake in the world- New Zealand

Wairarapa Tourism

I was born in the Wairarapa region in New Zealand which is why I was so happy when Wairarapa tourism reached out and wanted to work with me.  I experienced some amazing places and trips, some of which I had never heard of before even though I have lived there my whole life!  Examples below…


In 2017 I worked with one of my favourite brands Hotels.com for their campaign ‘Planing is half the fun of travel’.  I provided them with 3 quality articles as well as social media sharing for their campaign. 

Ways we can work together



I have worked with a number of brands to provide quality content and social media posts. Working with bloggers is extremely valuable as we can reach a far bigger and more engaged audience than traditional advertising. From articles, social media and link backs, I can do it all!

press trips

Press trips

Want to send me on a press trip? Fantastic! During my time with you, I can provide excellent articles, Facebook and Twitter posts as well as advertising on Instagram. I can also provide video content and I also love using Instagram stories to promote tourism in places around the world.

Brand ambassador

Brand ambassador

I am always looking for new long-term relationships with brands from around the world. I can be a brand ambassador for your brand or tourism board which will mean constant advertising and promotion through my many online platforms.



Do you have a unique hotel or hostel? I am also a regular reviewer for different accommodation around the world.

Take over your social media

Take over your social media

I can take over your social media! I can provide quality content throughout all the social media platforms you may have. This means my readership will get to know your brand too!

A regular contributor to your website

A regular contributor to your website

Do you want me to write regular content for your website? I have been a freelancer for many years now and can provide articles for you about different regions, countries, and experiences from around the world. Here’s an example of an article I did with Momondo here.

What my readers are saying

Anita Hendrieka reader testimonials
Anita Hendrieka reader testimonials
Anita Hendrieka reader testimonials
Anita Hendrieka reader testimonials

A Daily Odyssey

Do you need PROFESSIONAL and beautiful travel videos?

A Daily Odyssey

A Daily Odyssey is a joint business with my partner Sokol.  We make beautiful travel videography and photography using our Dji Mavic Pro and Go Pro.  Our goal is to discover and showcase the beauty in Albania and beyond.  We do everything ourselves, from filming, creating the music and editing the final video.  Together we can handcraft you a beautiful unique video for your destination to show the world the location you want to promote!



With both A Daily Odyssey and Anita Hendrieka, we combine our best abilities and can give you a package of video content, written content and sharing on all social media channels from both accounts.



A Daily odyssey
A Daily Odyssey
a daily odyssey
a daily odyssey