Tanjung Karang Beach: Idyllic Paradise in Indonesia

Last Updated on August 14, 2023

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On a recent trip to Indonesia with Indonesia Tourism, I discovered some of the most beautiful and unknown little pockets of heaven I have ever seen.

One of these was the idyllic paradise of Tanjung Karang Beach, which is on the tip of Palu Bay.

Enjoy the Tanjung Karang resort, white sun loungers sitting under outdoor covered areas on a white sandy beach with the sea to one side in which several small boats are floating all under a bright cloudy sky

Tanjung Karang Beach

The beautiful Tanjung Karang can be found along the coast at the northern tip of Palu Bay.

Located on the island of Sulawesi, Palu Bay is about 1 hour from Palu city. Palu is actually the capital of Sulawesi with only 335,000 people living there.

I say that with surprise as Palu Indonesia doesn’t really feel like a city compared to most Asian capitals I have been to.

Nevertheless, there were still many fun things to do in Palu. But none as amazing as visiting the idyllic beach destination of Tanjung Karang.

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Discover Tanjung Karang Indonesia this year, white sandy beach next to turquoise waters of the ocean in which sits one small motor boat with hills visible in the distance all under a bright cloudy blue sky

Tanjung Karang, Indonesia is totally worth driving for an hour to see. In fact, if you are in Palu, a Tanjung Karang day trip is an absolute must!

This place is a little slice of heaven. If I could declare it Anita’s Beach, I would in a heartbeat!

Away from the mass tourism that you see in Bali or bin Tang Island, the waters of Tanjung Karang Beach are clean, the locals are friendly and most importantly it’s quiet!

You can access this beautiful Palu beach through the Prince John Dive Resort where you can also stay if you want to spend some time here.

Plus you can also hire dive gear from this Tanjung Karang resort to explore underwater life.

Did I mention having a Bintang whilst sunbathing on one of their sun loungers looking out onto a white sand beach? Did I just convince you?

The dive resort is the only dive centre located within the area of 300km. But all the Karang divers I met said it was some of the best diving in Indonesia!

They have 15 bungalows that will suit every type of person that comes to stay (deluxe, comfort and relax) and the prices range from €70 – €220 (family suite).

So as you can see, it’s reasonably priced for a magical island getaway. The equator is only a few km from this place so do expect it to be stinking hot.

You will definitely need a swimming costume though! All the best things to do in Tanjung Karang Indonesia involve the water!

Take a Tanjung Karang day trip on your next vacation, wooden beach hut painted in purple and green with a few chairs sitting on the deck area under a bright blue sky
Check out all the things to do in Tanjung Karang, several wooden beach huts all painted in blue with green doors sitting in a row on the white sandy beach under the shade of some green trees on a clear day

However, if you’re wondering what to do in Tanjung Karang out of the water, there are a few options.

Make sure you take a wander through the little village beside the resort too. The buildings are colourfully painted and have some real character to them.

Even the toilet blocks are beautiful! This place has a real island feel to it.

Find out what to do in Tanjung Karang, close up shot of a coconut sculpted and painted to look like a smiling bald head with glasses and earring
Experience luxury at a Tanjung Karang resort, close up shot of a row of green fruit sitting on a wooden bench on the beach in the shade

If you follow the Tanjung Karang Beach right to the tip you will find an older man hiring out dive gear BUT he also sells the best knickknacks I have seen in years.

Coconut heads! He carves the coconuts into a face shape and draws eyes and a mouth, and uses glasses and earrings to make them look more realistic.

📦 PACKING TIP: Don’t leave home without a solar powered battery pack so you can keep your devices connected at all times.

How to get to Tanjung Karang Beach

There are 2 daily flights from Jakarta to Palu that you can take, then you will have to arrange transport to Tanjung Karang Beach. It is a 2 and a half hour flight to get to Sulawesi from Jakarta.

If you are staying at the resort then they can organise transfers to and from the airport for you (€80), otherwise hire a scooter and explore this part of the island by bike!

Hiring a scooter is a brilliant way to further see and experience a bit more of the local villages firsthand – plus you can stop whenever you like and see some spots tourists wouldn’t normally see.

You can easily buy petrol on the side of the road from local stores. It is usually kept in Coke and alcohol bottles so don’t freak out when they start pouring it into your scooter!

The ride to the beach may take you by surprise: you will go past one of the largest ports in Indonesia, so be prepared as you will see a lot of rubbish and poverty around this area.

I was worried on the way there that we would be taken to a beach filled with rubbish and pollution but it was totally the opposite once we actually arrived as you can see.

For those wondering how to get to Sulawesi from Bali, there are two ways. The quickest is to fly, which takes 90 minutes. However, this will only take you to Southwest Sulawesi.

You can also take a ferry, but that takes over 2 days! Faster and easier to fly to Southwest Sulawesi and then catch a taxi.

Add Tanjung Karang Indonesia to your vacation bucket list, several wooden buildings sitting on the shores of the turquoise sea with a small boat moored nearby and a large forested area full of green palm trees behind all under a bright blue sky with clouds

Typical prices in Palu

Accommodation Prices in Palu

These accommodation are starting prices for the Prince John Dive Resort (based on 2 people):

Relax Bungalow88,00 €
Comfort Bungalow115,00 €
Deluxe Bungalow132,00 €
Family Bungalow (Maximum 4 people)176,00 €

The best thing is the prices above include breakfast, afternoon tea and cake, unlimited water and dinner!

If you’re a single person you will get a discount of 25% on the accommodation prices.

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Enjoy a Tanjung Karang day trip on your next visit, close up of a hand holding a bottle of Bintang brand beer in front of a view of the beach and the sea beyond as well as a small boat moored nearby

Diving costs if you’re hiring from the resort

From the beach, you can catch a boat to some of the most speciose diving sites in the world.

Below are starting prices for renting equipment. Prices may vary depending on when you visit:

Mask & snorkel€3
Complete diving equipment€12
Snorkelling equipment (mask, snorkel, fins)€5
Underwater light (for one night dive)€5
Dive Computer€5
1 dive including bottle and weights€29
Half day tour boat trip (1 dive)+ €7.50
One day tour boat trip (2 dives)+ €15
Package 6 dives€171
Package 10 dives€274
Head to Karang Indonesia this year, smiling man playing with a football on the sandy beach in front of the sea with rolling hills and mountains in the distance

Bali is one of my favourite places in Indonesia, but after coming here I think it might be my second favourite Indonesian island now (sorry, Bali).

Don’t you agree with me that this place is a piece of idyllic paradise? If so, make sure you discover this place before everybody else does!

💡PACKING TIP: Make sure you bring a good snorkel, water shoes and a fast-drying towel for all of the beach-going you’re about to do!

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Where is Tanjung Karang Beach?

Tanjung Karang is located on the coastal tip of Palu in the Central Sulawesi province of Indonesia.

✅ Are there many things to do in Tanjung Karang, Indonesia?

The main things to do in Tanjung Karang are wated-related activities, especially swimming and diving. There is not a lot to do along Tanjung Karang Beach, instead it is an ideal spot to relax and unwind.

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  • Rhonda Albom
    July 11, 2016

    Wow, Palu looks like a piece of paradise. Thanks for introducing me to it. I love the crystal clear water, colourful buildings, and the personality you brought into it all with the coconut heads.

  • Anne
    July 23, 2016

    Looks absolutely gorgeous

  • LeAnna Brown
    July 23, 2016

    THAT WATER!!! We only did Bali when we went to Indonesia and now I absolutely can’t wait to see more of the country and get off the tourist path. We are divers so this looks like it could simply be paradise for us!

  • WyldfamilyTravel (@wyldfamtravel)
    July 24, 2016

    looks amazing and certainly somewhere we would like to visit. 220 euro a night for a family may be out of our budget but i am sure families who could afford it would be more than happy with this place

    • Anita Hendrieka
      > WyldfamilyTravel (@wyldfamtravel)
      August 3, 2016

      Yes, the resort is a little pricey compared to most Indonesian places but there are plenty of little huts that you could stay in if you asked the locals. 🙂

  • Bob
    July 24, 2016

    Haha, I love the Best Western sign. The beach looks fabulous I could definitely see myself spending some quality time there.

    • Anita Hendrieka
      > Bob
      August 3, 2016

      Isn’t it great ;p

  • Tamara Elliottt
    July 24, 2016

    Such a good tip! I’ve never been to Bali (but would love to!) so good to know there are still some quiet, unspoiled places away from the crowds

    • Anita Hendrieka
      > Tamara Elliottt
      August 3, 2016

      Yes this is definitely an unspoiled paradise!

  • anto
    July 24, 2016

    Looks very colorful, reminds me of the Dutch Antilles in the Caribbean 🙂 they also have the colored houses there!

    • Anita Hendrieka
      > anto
      August 3, 2016

      Ah how amazing! I love coloured houses 🙂

  • Cristina
    July 25, 2016

    It looks so beautiful, I love the views and the colourful buildings. Great pictures and super informative post.
    Happy travels,

    • Anita Hendrieka
      > Cristina
      August 3, 2016

      Thank you 🙂

  • Hannah Finch
    July 25, 2016

    Your little bungalow is so cute! And the water is crystal clear too. I’ve only been to Bali in Indonesia so far and although I like it, it’s not an idyllic paradise lie this!

    • Anita Hendrieka
      > Hannah Finch
      August 3, 2016

      I know it’s such a little paradise!

  • Megan
    July 25, 2016

    Looks amazing! I spent two weeks in Bali & Lombok and I wish I had more time to explore more of Indonesia. This makes me want to go back and add to that list.

    • Anita Hendrieka
      > Megan
      August 3, 2016

      Yeah there’s so many beautiful spots in Indonesia. I loved Lombok and Bali!

  • evan kristine
    July 25, 2016

    Indonesia is beautiful beyond words!

    • Anita Hendrieka
      > evan kristine
      August 3, 2016

      Oh it totally is!

  • bethan343
    August 5, 2016

    wow this looks so fab!!! Its really making me want to go!!!!

  • lifeinbigtent
    September 23, 2016

    Just came back from Sulawesi – but have been in another part 🙂 But vry similar places found in Maluku islands 🙂 Hatta island – my paradise island so far 🙂

  • Nelson Mochilero
    October 25, 2017

    Indeed an idyllic paradise!
    Wonderful pics. This is a great post with valuable info.
    I want to be there 🙂

    • Anita Hendrieka
      > Nelson Mochilero
      October 25, 2017

      Thanks for reading! 🙂 It sure is a beautiful place to be