What to do in Split: 10 Fun Things to do in Split, Croatia

Last Updated on March 5, 2023

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Split on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast is the ideal travel destination if you want to experience Croatia for the first time.

If you are headed there and wondering what to do in Split, you needn’t worry, this city is full of amazing things to do and see.

The old town area of Split offers the traveller so many historical highlights, fabulous restaurants, island day trips and is a perfect base to see more of Croatia.

Discover what to do in Split Croatia, close up shot of a diving board on the prow of a boat over the vibrant blue waters of the sea with rolling hills in the distance

And while you are researching Croatia, take a look at Zadar, we know you will love it.

For those looking for unique things to do in Croatia Split is the perfect destination as it has many fun activities and things to do.

The Split old city dates back over 1700 years. How incredible it is to walk in the steps of locals who have been living here for more than 17 centuries.

But whether you are planning a 3-day city break destination in Split or stopping for the day from a cruise ship, you will find all the fun things to do in Split will keep you busy.

If your time is limited make sure the UNESCO Diocletian’s Palace is top of your list of sights to see.

If you have more time, below are our 10 best things to do in Split Croatia suitable for everyone, even the kids.

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So, let’s get started with what to do in Split, Croatia on your next visit!

What to do in Split: Top 10 Must-Dos!

Enjoy these things to do in Split Croatia, view of Diocletian's Palace with stone statue in the foreground and a large lighter stone tower behind with pointed roof surrounded by green trees under a clear blue sky

1. Diocletian’s Palace

If you only have one day and are wondering what to do in Split, then the Diocletian’s Palace needs to be at the top of your to-see list.

One of the most famous places in Split, the Diocletian’s Palace was built between 298-305AD. Today it forms the central point of the old town of Split.

You can wander through the basement to shop at the bazaars or take a tour to see some of the artefacts found during the excavation of the Palace.

To get to the Palace, you can make your way through one of the four gates:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Golden
  • Iron

The Golden Gate is famous for its statue of Grgur Ninski. They say if you touch his big toe and make a wish, your wish will come true, so be sure to check off one of the most unusual things to do in Split!

It’s safe to say that Diocletian’s Palace is definitely a Split must-see!

Learn about what to do in Split Croatia, view of wide promenade with lots of outdoor restaurant seating covered by large umbrellas and people walking alongside palm trees under a bright blue sky

2. Relax on the Riva Promenade

What Split has over Dubrovnik and Zadar is it’s Riva Promenade.

With cafes, restaurants and bars, Riva Promenade along the waterfront is ideal any time of the day to sit and absorb the daily life of Split.

Here you can meet up with friends, delight in a romantic evening or spend an afternoon relaxing with coffee and wine as you enjoy the harbour view.

One of the top best things to do in Croatia is to relax and enjoy your coffee. So, indulge in one of the top Split, Croatia activities at Riva Promenade.

See all the famous places in Split, street view of St Juje Bell Tower with large octagonal building next to tall stone tower with many ornate window holes and pointed turret resplendent in the early evening sunset

3. Climb the Bell Tower

One of the top things to do in Split is climbing the bell tower. You have to get up early, but it’s worth it.

St Juje Bell Tower opens at 8 am to climb the steps for views of Split before the streets get busy and the tourists start arriving.

The Bell Tower was constructed in the 12th century and is attached to the Cathedral of Saint Dominus built in the 7th century.

The Cathedral of Saint Dominus is considered one of the oldest cathedrals in the world. It was originally built as a Roman mausoleum for the Roman Emperor Diocletian.

Just remember, if you want to visit the cathedral, there is a dress code. Both men and women need to have their shoulders and knees covered.

Check out what to do in Split this summer, lively outdoor market with clusters of people walking amongst vendors selling fresh vegetables with plenty of colourful umbrellas and trees behind

4. Lunch from the Green Market

Fresh markets always give off a great vibe as you wander the various stalls of fresh produce.

The colour, the variety of vegetables and fruits, the smell of baked bread and meat cooking is alluring and hard to resist.  Is it time for lunch already?

The Green Market (Pazar) is one of the highlights and a true must-see in Split Croatia for its organic food. If you are considering a Picnic lunch, the selections here in the market will have your mouth watering.

And if you have a kitchen in your Airbnb, why not buy the “catch of the day” to sample with a favourite local wine.

💡PACKING TIP: Make sure you bring a good snorkel, water shoes and a fast-drying towel for all of the beach-going you’re about to do!

5. Dip your Toes at Kasjuni Beach

Another highlight of Split is its easy access to nearby beaches. In fact, the beaches are a must do in Split.

Whether you walk left or right from Riva Promenade, you have a choice to dip your toes into the Adriatic Sea.

If you prefer sandy beaches, Bačvice beach is ideal. In the summer months, they play the traditional beach game of Picigin. This game is played with a small bat.

If you don’t mind rocky beaches, Ovcice beach has clear waters to bathe in. But Kasjuni Beach was our favourite as it was quieter and in our opinion the best of Split.

For those looking for things to do in Split with kids, the beach is a great option – just be sure to cover up with sunscreen!

Top tip: Buy a pair of water shoes for walking on the stones in and out of the water.

Enjoy some of the romantic things to do in Split, overhead view of Split with many buildings with terracotta rooftops clustered together in front of the wide harbour and deep blue sea

6. Sunset at Marjan Hill

If you don’t mind walking up hills, choose one of your evenings to see the sunset at Marjan Hill. It won’t disappoint and is one of the most romantic things to do in Split.

Just make sure to plan enough time for the walk up through the forest to get a good spot for photographs. This is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Split!

The walk through the forest park is tranquil with stops along the way for amazing views of the Adriatic, as well as seeing old stone chapels next to the pathway.

Those looking for top tips on what to see in Split for an unforgettable trip, definitely shouldn’t miss a forest stroll and sunset on Marjan Hill!

Find all of the things to see in Split, wide stone courtyard in front of a large white stone building with ornate front porch and tall square clock tower in front of a bank of green trees with a fortified castle structure on top of the hill all under a clear blue sky

7. Cruise to Hvar Island

If you are looking for things to do near Split, consider a cruise to a nearby island.

After all, when you are this close to the Adriatic Sea, you will be tempted to take a cruise to one of the islands. Fortunately, Hvar is an easy destination to see by ferry.

Grab a book and enjoy the 1.5-hour ferry ride to Hvar island boasting almost 2,800 hours of sunshine per year.

Alternatively, if you have sailing experience, you can read my guide on how to rent a boat in Split for a fun day out.

Hvar has a history dating back to the 4th century when the Greeks occupied the island. Today it is a UNESCO site with a medieval fortress overlooking the old town.

But Hvar can be pricey; coffee or lunch is more expensive than Split. Perhaps that is why Hvar is favoured by the rich and famous.

If you are looking for alternative things to do in Split, Hvar is the perfect way to spend a day.

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8. Coffee at Fruit Square

Fruit Square is known locally as Vocni Trg and was once the site of the daily fruit market in ancient times.

After wandering through the narrow, cobbled streets, you emerge into the square lined with cafes, restaurants and shops. But that’s not all. In the square you will find:

  • Venetian Tower, octagonal in shape, the remains of a 15th-century fortress
  • Baroque façade of the Milesi family Palace of the 17th century
  • Statue of Marko Marulic, father of Croatian literature of the 15th century

Fruit Square is a popular Spilt landmark for both locals and travellers. For coffee lovers wondering what to do in Split, this is a must!

Don't miss these things to do in Split with kids, view of waterfront with a line of palm trees and people walking about underneath them with a backdrop of white buildings with terracotta rooftops under a blue sky

9. Book a Walking Tour

We always love to take walking tours when visiting a new place. Split is no exception. You will find a walking tour of Split is one of the easiest ways to see and get to know Split in the quickest time.

They will take you all over the city and show you all the top things to see in Split, as well as teaching you some fascinating historical facts.

However, due to regulations in Croatia, walking tours are not paid by a gratuity, you need to pay a fee upfront when booking.

Near the Diocletian Palace, there are several agencies offering walking tours of Split. Allow up to 1.5 to 2 .5 hours to learn more of the culture, history and unique stories of Split.

Walking tour timetables and options include a morning, an afternoon, culinary or an evening tour. Oh, and there is a Game of Thrones walking tour if you are a fan!

Taste Split is a great walking tour company that is highly recommended from travellers coming to Split.

Wander amongst sites that are a must see in Split Croatia, open topped courtyard surrounded by ornately carved stone pillars and arches with people sitting on low steps at night

10. Evening Drinks at Peristyle Square (Peristylium)

An evening in Split can be enjoyed inside or outside due to the temperate climate. And the ideal location is Peristyle Square for a pre-dinner drink.

The main square of the Diocletian’s Palace is a gathering area where you can sit amongst the well-preserved Roman architecture, with a drink while listening to live music.

It’s the atmosphere that makes Peristyle Square a memorable evening during your stay in Split.

So why Choose Split?

Croatia is becoming a must-see destination in Eastern Europe for its ancient history, fabulous coastline and UNESCO heritage sites.

Choosing to spend your vacation time in Split, Croatia’s second-largest city is so rewarding. You will certainly never be at a loss for what to do in Split Croatia!

In fact it is safe to say that for those looking for a myriad of things to do Split Croatia is full of surprises and unique activities.

Plus, the city’s location on the Dalmatian Coast provides an ideal spot to explore more of Croatia.

If you plan to spend more time in Croatia, why not plan a road trip of Croatia’s coastline. You can check out more of what to see in Croatia here.

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10 Best Things to Do in Split [Croatia]

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Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Is Split in Croatia worth visiting?

Yes, definitely! Split is a really unique city full of rich history and beautiful beaches. Plus, there are many unique and fun things to do in Split for the whole family!

✅ What is Split Croatia best known for?

Split is best known for the Diocletian’s Palace, an ancient Roman palace whose ruins are still in the city today.

✅ How many days do you need in Split Croatia?

If you have limited time, you can check off most of the top things to see in Split in 2 days. However, if you can stay longer, it is worth spending at least a week Split, or using it as a base to explore of Croatia.

Tell me below which things to do in Split Croatia are at the top of your list?! Did we miss any of the Split must see sites? Do you have any top recommendations for what to do in Split?

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10 Best Things to Do in Split [Croatia]

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