Best Travel Blog Names: How to Pick a Good One!

Last Updated on November 8, 2023

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One of the most puzzling aspects of starting new blogs is coming up with unique travel blog names with which you and your brand resonate.

When I wanted to start my travel blog, for some time, I was so fixated on finding the right name that I almost forgot about creating a content calendar, choosing a brand kit and other intricacies that make up your blog.

Apart from picking a name, something else made me scratch my head: picking out a travel blog niche.

Best Travel Blog Names: How to Pick a Good One!, round desk globe sitting on table
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While I had the instinctual motive to start my travel blog, I was clueless about how to pick a blog name that would represent my blog.

At that time, buzzwords like keywords, niche or SEO research didn’t stand out to me as an essential part of naming a travel blog.

Now that I have years of experience under my bag, a functional travel blog that is a good source of passive income, I can help you pick the best one out of thousands of names for travel blogs.

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I have prepared this guide for how to name a blog so that you can use it as a reference as you gather ideas for travel blog names to find the perfect name for you!

Why is picking a travel blog name important

Once you’ve thought about starting a travel blog, you may be in a rush to go with just anything and begin writing. While that can be the easy way out, it’s not the efficient one.

As someone who is just starting, treating your travel blog as a brand can be difficult to grasp at first. Yet, the earlier you understand it, the better.

Naming a travel blog is important because it helps you establish yourself as an authority in the realm of travel blogging, attract an audience and build a unique online persona.

Picking one out of several travel blog names helps you establish an identity that helps build trust with search engine algorithms and readers.

After all, you need views and ranking to generate a profitable income from your blog.

If you’re still not convinced, hear from the experts in digital marketing:

77% of digital marketers consider choosing appropriate and unique travel blog names akin to creating your unique brand identity.

A distinctive brand identity is what they connotate with growth and success in blogging. So having the best name for travel blog branding purposes is important.

Poor blog names for travel can be confusing for your audience. They might be hard to remember or spell, making your audience less likely to share or revisit your blog.

11 tips for picking the perfect travel blog names

Tips for choosing travel blog names, colourful letters spelling out SEO
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1. Think of keywords

One of the most important aspects to consider, or the guidepost for finding unique travel blog names is to do SEO research.

SEO for blogs is something beyond the scope of this article and a rabbit hole that you might not want to fall into right now.

Just keep in mind, for now, that SEO helps Google determine where it should rank your content for relevant keywords like “travel blog”.

Finding relevant keywords is the first step in finding unique travel blog names.

There are plenty of paid and free resources to find the best keywords and get insights for metrics like keyword search volume, density etc. You can start with whatever seems affordable in the beginning.

Google Trends is a good way to do your keyword research as a beginner to find best travel blog names. You can find location relevant keywords for your niche and center your blog around that.

So, why are keywords necessary for naming your travel blog?

By mentioning relevant keywords in travel blog names, your blog becomes more visible and rank-worthy in the eyes of Google.

Using keywords when naming a travel blog, helps Google identify you as a credible source on the subject.

The keyword in blog names for travel doesn’t have to be something broad like “traveling”.

If you have a location-specific blog or a niche-specific blog, mention that in your list of ideas for travel blog names. For instance, I have a blog on traveling across the Balkans region.

My travel page name is literally “Travelling Balkans”. I made sure to include the location I want to write about when brainstorming travel blog names.

It made it easier for folks looking for travel tips and plans to the Balkans region to find my blogs and travelling tips.

Simply mentioning the keyword of your blog in the name helps your target audience find, remember and revisit it.

2. Descriptive names

Be as descriptive as you can when brainstorming travel blog names.

Sometimes, going with the simplest and straightforward, yet descriptive words is the best way to naming a travel blog.

It can be a small phrase describing what you do like “travelling balkans” or something like “globetrotter (your name)”.

The idea behind coming up with descriptive travel blog names is to use unique words or phrases that describe a traveller or someone who loves travelling.

Having unique blog travel names will make you stand out and make you memorable!

It might be helpful to consult a thesaurus when brainstorming travel blog names (yeah! That little book that has been catching dust ever since grade school).

In fact, make it a habit of using a thesaurus – whether a physical or digital one – throughout your blog writing journey.

Using the same old phrases may bore out your audience to the point of redundancy and they may lose interest in your writing.

As a rule of thumb when naming your travel blog, consider the following to come up with descriptive travel blog names:

  • (your target audience/keyword/niche) + (your blog’s mission)

For example, “travelling on a budget” or “a nomad’s guide to travelling” are some ways you can combine your niche or audience – tips for travelling within a budget and digital nomad travellers – with the purpose of your blog – to provide tips and resources (guide).

You can also look for travel-specific words in a language other than English. For instance, the following words from different languages could be good options for travel blog names:

  • Fernweh: A German word that means longing for faraway places 
  • Gadabout: Another German word that describes someone who is always traveling or on the go
  • Vacilando: A Spanish word for describing someone who prefers the journey more than the destination

There are plenty of unique travel-specifc keywords in many languages and you can look for inspiration for names of travel blogs. 

3. Use your identity

Some successful blog names for travel are centered around the blogger’s identity.

For example blog names could include their nationality, a unique aspect of their personality or physical appearance, profession or travel style.

Travel blogger names like “The Points Guy” or “The Blonde Abroad” give insight into who the blogger might be, their travelling style, or defining aspects of them.

Travel blog names driven by certain aspects of your identity give a personalized touch to the blog and may help you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Using your identity can also lead to more creative blog names than just centering around the typical travel words. It might also give you an idea for a niche.

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4. Use your own name

Another popular way of brainstorming travel blog names is to give it a personal touch like adding your name to a travel-specific.

Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Adventurous + (your name)
  • (Your name) + is on the go
  • (Your name) + travels solo

Including your name in your travel blog’s name showcases it as a personal brand and helps connect with your audience better.

It’s also more unique and something that you would could easily find a domain for.

Travel blog names with a blogger’s name are more personal, unique and easier for your audience to remember.

5. Avoid overused and cliche names or phrases

While it is a good idea to include travel-specific keywords when jotting down your travel blog names, avoid using overused words and phrases.

If you’ve done some research, you have probably started to notice that names for travel blogs can get pretty repetitive.

Some very popular travel-specific keywords that have now become clichés are “wanderlust”, “(your name) + travels”, “travelling diaries” etc.

So many blogs on the internet have the term “wanderlust” in their names that it becomes almost difficult to differentiate them.

You want to have catchy blog names, or it will be difficult for your audience to differentiate your brand from someone with the same overused and cliché travel blog name.

To ensure more memorable and unique blog names, avoid these clichés and overused phrases.

They may be easy to juxtapose and come up with a bunch of travel blog names, but difficult for your audience to differentiate from the hundreds of other such blogs.

This doesn’t mean these names can’t be used, but then you want to ensure something else about your blog business names stands out.

6. Keep it short

Almost all the best blog names on the internet have a short and simple name. Anything more than three to four short words is too long and boring for your audience to remember.

This rule applies to most blogging niches and not just when you’re thinking of travel blog names.

So, when you’re enlisting travel blog names, keep the word count to two or three at the most. Anything greater than three or four words is not only difficult to remember but loses the charm.

7. Don’t use random numbers or hyphens

Creativity is welcomed when coming up with travel blog names, but don’t get too creative that it becomes difficult for your readers to keep a track of your blog’s name.

Imagine if you named your blog “your name-goes-travelling” just because the non-hyphen domain wasn’t available. Not only is this name lengthy and difficult to remember but unappealing.

Also, using random numbers in your blog travel names can be a bit of a stretch and something that you can definitely exclude.

In addition to hyphens and numbers, avoid misspellings of common words just for the sass like gurl or kool. Such words are overused and often lack seriousness.

Numbers are not necessarily a problem if it is at the start and refers to the number of travellers. But putting it in the middle of a word or phrase is confusing.

And especially do not use numbers in place of words or letters!

8. Make sure it’s available in .com

When enlisting travel blog names, make sure to look for available domains, specifically a .com.

.com domain names perform better than others and it will be easier for your audience to remember them.

However, the issue with .com names is that many are unavailable and you might have to churn up some really unique travel blog names to ensure it’s available.

If you find a good name for a travel blog, don’t commit to it until you know whether or not the .com is available.

You can check that any potential domain options for travel page names are available at Namechck.

If the name you choose is PERFECT, and you are doing a regional blog outside of the USA and .com is unavailable, then you might consider using the domain extension for the country you are writing about.

However, this is only recommended if you are writing in the language of that country (such as English in the UK or New Zealand).

Additionally, you should check that the .com version isn’t already in use for something similar that might outrank you and confuse your readers.

9. Check travel blog names on social media

Once you come up with potential travel blog names, check those on social media platforms specifically the ones you would be using for promoting your blog.

I am a huge preacher of maximizing reach from Pinterest to my blogs. Therefore, when I first came up with travel blog names, I made sure to check on Pinterest if they were available or not.

But you also want your travel Instagram names or travel TikTok accounts to match, as well. Don’t use personal accounts for business purposes.

You want to have a consistent brand presence on all social media platforms and that should coincide with your blog’s name.

Consistency is key in ensuring your audience remembers who you are and what your blog is about.

With that set aside, it isn’t necessary to conquer every social media platform in the beginning of your blogging journey. Take one and focus on directing traffic from that to your blog.

You might also find that browsing social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok can help inspire you. Looking for travel Instagram name ideas can be a great place to start.

How to choose the best names of travel blogs, blue neon sign reading "DO WHAT YOU LOVE"
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10. Don’t limit yourself

For example, don’t pick a name like ‘London travels’ if you feel like you’re not going to talk about London travel for the rest of your life.

When choosing travel blog names, dont restrict yourself. Don’t focus on a single destination, unless you want to travel and explore that specific region for the rest of your life.

Similarly, don’t limit your blog to something that you might outgrow over time, if that is a possibility.

If you want to write on a couple of travel niches juxtaposed in one blog name, then come up with something unique that fits everything.

For instance, my Travelling Balkans blog focuses on the entire Balkan’s region and not just one country or specific place because I intend to explore and write about the entire region.

Rather than limiting my blog to something that I might outgrow, I have given it room to grow and bring in a larger audience.

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11. Something timeless

Your travel blog name is something you will be stuck with forever, once you purchase a domain and host your website.

Make sure you choose a name that resonates with you, and isn’t guided by some trend that’s bound to subside.

Dont limit yourself, and at the same time, dont narrow down your blogging niche too much that it’s hard to find an audience for it.

Find evergreen and timeless travel blog names that you could talk about for the rest of your life (or as long as you plan on running a blog).

For instance, if you dont want to live in a certain location for the rest of your life, dont restrict your travel blog to that.

Or if a specific travel style is something you might outgrow, then dont limit yourself to choosing that as your blog’s name.

Travel blog name ideas

Apart from finding the best travel blog names, you must come up with a niche for your blog.

Finding a niche is crucial to bringing the right audience to your blog and helping you generate passive income.

Let’s say you want to start writing about how to travel within a budget. Many folks are rummaging across the web, looking for budget-friendly travel options.

Yet, some folks want nothing less than a five-star hotel, dine in MICHELIN restaurants and travel in business class only.

Without specifying your niche, you may attract all travellers from low to high-income brackets.

Not targeting the right niche can affect traffic and commissions, especially if you want to generate an income from your blog.

To begin niche-ing down your blog, start by asking questions like:

  • How can I generate value for my readers?
  • Is there something my readers want to know, but there isn’t enough relevant information available on the internet?
  • Why would people want to read my blog?
  • Am I credible to offer advice on XYZ travel-related thing?
  • Is there something I know that can enhance their travelling experience?

Solidifying your niche brings you closer to finding the best travel blog names.

While you’re looking for a niche, reflect on your travelling experience. Perhaps you are good at creating trip itineraries while remaining within a budget.

Or maybe you know a lot more about travelling to a specific region than most other folks on the internet (the same way I have a blog specifically on the Balkans region).

Once you have picked a niche and chosen a unique one out of many travel blog names, it’s time to create a content strategy. Don’t restrict yourself to only writing about the niche.

Give yourself the wiggle room to write about things related to your niches like remote work or how I write about working as an au pair while fulfilling your travelling goals and dreams.

The main point is that you don’t want to write about just “travel”. Travel is a broad term. Pick something within the realm of travelling and start from there.

To help you get started on picking travel blog names, here are some popular niches within the travel category.

To get you started for your niche research, below are some popular travel blog niches and examples of good blog names.

I have given a brief overview of each niche along with a couple keywords that could become potential travel blog names.

Adventure travel

Adventure travel is a popular travel blogging niche that surrounds risky travelling.

It is a mixture of exploration, and risky travel activities that may be physically strenuous or require certain skills.

Activites like wildlife tourism, paragliding, hiking, rafting and bungee jumping come under the adventure travel category.

If you’re someone who gravitates towards physically exhilarating travelling, then this niche might be perfect for you.

To help you come up with possible adventure travel blog names, here’s a list of noteworthy words:

  1. hidden
  2. exploring the unexplored
  3. remote
  4. far-off
  5. undisclosed
  6. mysterious
  7. secret
  8. hidden
  9. into the unknown
  10. hiking tyrant
Ideas for luxury travel blogger names, person in rooftop pool in Greece with view over water and surrounding islands
Photo by Hello Lightbulb on Unsplash

Luxury travel

Luxury travel may not be as popular as other niches, but is a unique and personalized way of travelling that requires a huge spending budget.

And, of course, choosing luxury travel blog names is just as important as any niche. You need to stand out, while still promoting your brand accurately.

Luxury travellers choose exotic and often pricey-to-reach destinations, expensive resorts or fancy accommodations that are out of reach for mundane travellers.

Despite unpopular beliefs, a lot of luxury travellers actually look for advice on what to do when travelling.

Another there go-to is other luxury travellers who could guide them in planning the best trips by giving reviews of boutique hotels and popular restaurants.

If luxury travel is your preferred niche, then take a look at the following words to come up with luxury travel blog names:

  1. high-living
  2. extravagant
  3. fancy
  4. posh
  5. luxury
  6. gran
  7. comfort
  8. high-standard
  9. luxe
  10. dream
  11. high-end traveling

Couple travel

Couple travel is a popular niche as many couples choose to take off around the world together.

A couple’s blog might focus on what it’s like to travel with a partner, romantic ideas while on the road, or even just how to save money as a duo.

Choosing the perfect travel blog names for couples’ travel might mean focusing on your names, the activities you enjoy doing, or something that represents you as a team.

You might consider travel website names that use a creative play on words for something romantic or couple related while still related to travel.

If you intend to later expand your family, be sure to consider names for a blog that can grow with your family.

For two travellers, here are some words to come up with good travel blog names for couples:

  1. couple name
  2. team
  3. partners
  4. two
  5. duo
  6. together
  7. mates
  8. mr. And mrs.
  9. love
  10. pair
  11. joint

Family travel

Family travel, as the name suggests, is best for those experienced in preparing trips for families or groups.

A lot of couples on the internet run family travel blogs. Such blogs give children-friendly and sometimes pet-friendly traveling tips.

From choosing family-friendly accommodations to restaurants with kid-friendly menus and destinations that kids may enjoy, there is a lot you can cover in a family travel blog.

When picking names for a travel blog about family travel, most people choose to incorporate the family dynamic in somehow such as a number, or the family name.

Here are some words to get you started on creating family travel blog names:

  1. family
  2. kin
  3. children
  4. league
  5. troop
  6. squad
  7. youngster
  8. crew
  9. family name
  10. team
  11. brood
  12. clan
Picking blog names for travel, Person wearing backpack walking towards an white building with intricate carvings
Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash

Solo travel

Another one of popular travel niches, especially among women and youngsters, is solo travelling. Solo travellers prefer exploring a new place alone as they enjoy their own company.

Rather than travelling in a group of friends, with family or strangers, they prefer stepping into the unknown solo.

Solo travelling is a unique way of seeking independence and freedom, especially among women. Solo travelling is an amazing opportunity to explore yourself and set yourself up for some challenges.

It is also a common travel niche for which a lot of people seek advice. I have been solo travelling for more than a decade now and that’s how primarily I got into blogging.

If this is something that piques your interest, then consider the following words for creating good travel blog names:

  1. solo
  2. solitary
  3. detached
  4. lone
  5. secluded
  6. vagabond
  7. wandering
  8. unaccompanied
  9. free
  10. nomadic
  11. single

Destination travel

Destination travel is a niche that explores a specific location or region.

Quite similar to my blog on exploring the Balkans region, destination travel focuses on one destination and travelling tips relating to that.

This type of niche may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you don’t see yourself talking about one place for the rest of your life.

Nonetheless, it is a lucrative niche especially if the place you’ve chosen is popular and there isn’t much travelling information available online regarding it.

Here are some words to get you started on choosing destination travel blog names:

  1. (place name)
  2. journey
  3. farther
  4. distance
  5. horizon
  6. boundary
  7. landscape
  8. yonder
  9. route
  10. tour
  11. outskirts
  12. compass
  13. stopover
  14. remote
  15. away
  16. beyond
choosing the best travel blog names, closeup of a pile of vibrant green feijoa fruit
Photo by Elena G on Unsplash

Foodie travel

Although food has become a part of every other blogging niche, but there are some food-specific travel blogs out there.

Such bloggers travel to faraway places mainly to enjoy unique cuisines and explore culture through food.

Food travel blogs could be run by food enthusiasts, culinary experts or people who could never miss out on a good meal.

To get you started on food travel blog names, here are some relevant words:

  1. culinary
  2. cuisine
  3. snack
  4. eatable
  5. edible
  6. chow
  7. diet
  8. palate
  9. taste
  10. munch
  11. feast
  12. picnic
  13. appetizer
  14. bite
  15. refreshments
  16. Table

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Budget travel

A lot of folks, especially in the post-pandemic era, are looking for affordable travel options and tips.

Especially students, folks without a proper job or those who would like to maximize enjoyment within a budget.

Budget travel blogs are popular among people from all income brackets and tastes and preferences.

There’s no one who wouldn’t enjoy a foreign trip while maintaining a budget. Some ways I travelled within a budget were by doing au pair jobs in different countries.

Other folks talk about affordable accommodation, inexpensive food options and cheap transport options.

If you think this is a niche you can handle, here are some words to help you structure your blog’s name:

  1. frugal
  2. cheap
  3. inexpensive
  4. smart
  5. budget
  6. cash
  7. money
  8. finances
  9. penny-wise
  10. prudent
  11. meager
  12. affordable
  13. sensible
  14. canny
  15. funds

Final notes on choosing travel blog names

With more than ten years of blogging experience, there are a ton of things I have learned, especially about creating stellar and catchy travel blog names.

Apart from learning about SEO, developing a content strategy or promoting your blog on social media platforms, coming up with a good blog name was one of the trickiest things.

I didn’t want something too common, neither something too out of the ordinary that people won’t even remember.

Your blog name is what you set out to grow with, it defines your blogging strategy and brand growth. So, take your time with this one.

Do your research, dig around various niches and travel blog names to choose whatever suits your interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ How do I choose a travel blog name?

The best travel blogger names are ones that are both unique and specific. You want something that conjures up a specific image or idea of what kind of traveller you are. But you also don’t want to use words that are too cliche or overused.

✅ Do I need a .com domain for my travel blog?

Ideally, yes! If the .com isn’t available, you probably want to reconsider the name. An exception to this is if you are doing a regional blog. If, for example, the blog is UK based and the .com is unavailable, then using might be okay if you feel the name is otherwise perfect.

✅ Do you want to have unique blog names?

Yes, a good name for a travel blog is one that stands out and is memorable! However, don’t pick something that is really difficult to spell or say cause this might have the opposite effect.

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