22 Unique Things to do in Croatia This Summer

Last Updated on December 6, 2023

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There is so much beauty to discover and unique things to do in Croatia, especially in the summer.

With endless islands, delicious Mediterranean food and a climate that will make you never want to leave, Croatia is the perfect place to spend your summer holiday.

unique things to do in Croatia, aerial view of clear blue water with people floating on blow up devices and small ships in water

I have asked the top travel influencers for their recommendations on all of the unique things to do in Croatia that you cannot miss this summer!

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Whether you’re wondering where to go in Croatia in June, or what to do in Croatia in summer for a little adventure, these amazing Croatia activities and destinations have you covered!

Unique Things to do in Croatia This Summer

Visit Croatia in the summer this year, person diving from rocky coastline into deep dark blue water under a bright blue sky with clouds

1. Cliff jumping in southern Istra

Suggested by German Backpacker

The region of Istra in northern Croatia is a famous holiday destination due to its beaches and its historic cities such as Pula and Rovinj.

However, your trip to Croatia doesn’t need to be all about sightseeing and relaxation – if you’re adventurous and an adrenaline junkie, you have to go cliff jumping!

Just outside of Pula on the southern tip of Istra (called Kamenjak Peninsula), there’s the Galebove Stijene beach with several incredible cliffs ranging in altitude levels to up to 13 meters.

From here you can jump into the crystal-clear water – and it’s so much fun!

And even if you’re not that adventurous, it’s worth a visit – just watch the others jumping down and marvel at the incredible rock formations.

The water here is also great for snorkelling, and there are even some caves under the cliffs that you can explore. A visit is definitely worth it!

Enjoy these unusual places to visit in Croatia, close up shot of two partially drunk pints of beer in specially shaped glasses with

2. Discover the local craft beer scene in Zagreb

Suggested by Pack the Suitcases

The perfect way to spend a sunny evening? Sat in a beer garden of course.

But how about sat in a beer garden sampling a float of different locally produced beers as the sun goes down in one of the hippest cities in Croatia?

Zagreb’s beer-loving locals flock to The Garden Brewery, a microbrewery and bar in a warehouse on an out-of-town industrial estate.

It has a great range of craft beers, with everything from an amazing sour to a very drinkable IPA. To soak it all up, you can eat a veggie/vegan burger at the on-site burger bar.

Once you’ve got a taste for the local craft beer, you might want to find some other bars in the city centre:

  • Beertija: has a good selection of craft beer, including from The Garden Brewery.
  • Craft Room: a cosy and 100% no-smoking bar (a rarity in Zagreb).
  • Ro & Do: another characterful bar.
Try out the top things to do in Croatia, two people sitting in red inflatables floating in a pool of clear shallow turquoise water surrounded by rocky coastline covered in green trees stretching off into the distance under a wide blue sky

3. Adventure to Hvar

Suggested by Wandering Wheatleys

Hvar is a stunningly beautiful island off the coast of southern Croatia, easily accessed from Split by ferryboat.

It boasts reasonably priced accommodations, delicious food, friendly locals, and is quickly becoming a popular party beach town for young Europeans on summer holiday.

If you’re looking for more rest and relaxation, we’d recommend renting your own 5 horsepower boat and checking out the nearby islands.

For the bargain price of 400 kuna (~$60 USD) you will have a little motorboat all to yourself for the day with gas included.

Load up on some local Croatian wine, snacks, and a floaty, and then set off early in the day.

You’ll get a hand-drawn map and a few recommendations from the boat rental agency so you can slowly cruise around the islands, on the hunt for the perfect secluded beach.

Once you find your spot you’ll never want to leave! This is undoubtedly one of the most unique places to visit in Croatia!

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Plan what to do in Croatia for your next vacation, several small sailing boats with tall masts moored in the mildly choppy waters of a harbour with a cluster of medieval buildings and a tall church on top of a small hill behind all lit up with the glow of streetlights and spotlights under a darkening sky at dusk

4. Watch an endless sunset in Rovinj

Suggested by Untold Morsels

Do you love sunsets? Then head to Croatia’s Istrian peninsula and visit Rovinj. This coastal city is home to the endless sunset.

Somehow the sun seems to linger in the sky for longer than anywhere else. Sunsets are one of the best things to see in Croatia!

As dusk approaches, find a special place to watch the sun dip under the horizon. Valentino Bar is a romantic spot to enjoy a drink as you dangle your legs in the sea.

Or enjoy a seafood feast at Maestral, a popular waterfront restaurant.

But I think the perfect way to catch a Rovinj sunset is to join a sunset cruise out on the sea. This was one of my favourite activities in Croatia.

Leaving each night from the harbour, the cruise takes you out to the archipelago where dolphins play in the dwindling light.

discover these unique places in Croatia, outdoor flower stall with person attending to the creation of new bouquets surrounded by buckets of colourful flower collections under a wide parasol

5. Visit the outdoor markets in Split

Suggested by Travel Photo Discovery

If you end up visiting the coastal city of Split in Dalmatia, a morning visit to see the outdoor farmers markets and the seafood market is a must.

Spending the morning to see the colorful stalls, people and food being sold at the markets is a treat and one of the top things to do in Croatia.

You can sample some of the wonderful local foods, perishable foods and other finished goods for sale in the mostly local market.

A little distance in the old town is the fish market which sells the most amazing seafood sourced from the regional waters and fished the night before.

The scene is lively, loud and very colorful – a perfect combination to observe and take some wonderful photographs of both markets.

You can check out more Split market details here for images and inspiration to visiting the Split marketplace.

If you want unusual things to do in Split while visiting Croatia, this is a must!

Don't miss out on these Croatia must see places, view from hilltop of sprawling coastline made up of gentle hills covered in patches of greenery next to the wide expanse of the deep blue sea with more coastline in the distance all under a wide blue sky with come wispy white clouds to one side

6. Hire a car and road trip up the coast

Suggested by The Globetrotter GP

When in Croatia, I highly recommend renting a car and exploring the stunningly beautiful Croatian coastline between Dubrovnik and Split.

Not only are the views out of the window incredible, but there are so many places you’ll want to stop at along the way.

Whether that be to swim in a little cove with azure water and relax on white sandy beaches or stop at a little village where you can find some of the freshest seafood in the Mediterranean.

The beauty of a relaxed road trip is that you can be spontaneous and stop whenever something catches your eye.

We drove over a bridge looking onto the prettiest river and I caught sight of a sign for sea kayak hire. 5 minutes later we were in a kayak having an adventure on the river.

My top tip would be not to rush a road trip and allow yourself plenty of time to be spontaneous.

However, you could also make a list of what to see in Croatia before you head out so you can be sure to tick off the most important sites and activities!

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Wander amongst the things to see in Croatia, green grassy field leading up to a tall hill covered in green trees and topped with a small cluster of buildings all under a bright blue sky with lines of white fluffy clouds

7. Eat Truffles in Motovun

Suggested by The World Pursuit

Motovun is a small town in the Istria region of Croatia is what I like to call The Town of Truffles.

Here in this hillside town truffle everything – truffle oil, truffle butter, truffle ice-cream, truffle cheese, truffle pasta, truffle alcohol.

The forests surrounding Motovun are covered in pedunculate oak, abundant in continental Croatia, which provides the some of the best white truffles.

Besides just walking around tasting truffle supplies you can actually go truffle hunting with local operators.

It may take you a few hours, but at the end of the forest hunt, you will be rewarded with delicious homemade truffle meals from a very special part of the world.

Besides truffles Motovun is also great for other fun activities in Croatia like hiking and biking and just taking in the incredible views.

If you are looking for unique things to do in Croatia in October, there is a truffle festival that you MUST attend!

Try out some of the activities in Croatia, view of a stretch of river with clusters of buildings with terracotta rooftops visible amongst dense groups of green trees with white sailing boats moored next to the opposite side of the river where rolling hills covered in patches of green foliage lead off into the distance under a moody grey and orange sky at dusk

8. Explore the town of Skradin

Suggested by Yashy Murphy from Baby & Life

The scenic and serene town of Skradin is filled with energy during the summer months and is perfect during a summer holiday in Croatia.

While many use the town merely as a pit stop on the way into the Krka National Park, it warrants a proper stop because it truly is a hidden gem.

Its pedestrian-only downtown core by the waterfront is filled with shops, cafes and restaurants serving the famous Skradin Risotto and Skradinska Torta.

Sure you could go for a swim but you could also go hiking, canoeing and tour through the many wineries in Skradin.

Adventure and leisure travellers will find this idyllic town’s sunsets stunning, aquamarine waters refreshing and its people warm and welcoming.

If you’re looking for cool things to do in Croatia a little off the beaten path, there’s a charm to Skradin that’s well worth discovering!

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Find your favourite things to do in Croatia in summer, wide section of waterfall cascading down into a lagoon of clear turquoise water populated with people enjoying bathing and swimming in the sunshine surrounded by a wide canopy of green trees under a blue sky

9. Visit Krka National Park

Suggested by Our Escape Clause

Swimming in a crystal-clear pool in front of beautiful waterfalls–it’s hard to imagine a more idyllic way to spend a day in Croatia in the summer than that!

Krka National Park is home to plenty of great hiking trails, wildlife, and a small outdoor museum that shows what life on the river looked like before the Industrial Revolution.

But as wonderful as all of those things are, it’s the waterfalls that are the real showstopper and a true must see in Croatia!

You can access Krka National Park as a day trip from several popular Croatian coastal towns, including Sibenik and the ever-popular Split.

Be sure to pack a swimsuit and some money for ice cream before heading out for a perfect Croatia summer day at Krka National Park!

If you visit Croatia in July or August, you will really appreciate taking a refreshing dip in the water!

Try out some fantastic Croatia activities this summer, underwater shot of a group of eels moving in and out of some small pipes covered in vegetation on a bed of small pebbles

10. Visit the sea aquarium in Pula

Suggested by Roaming Goblin

Pula with surrounding villages is our favourite Croatian destination. The coast, the old centre and local food keep calling us back.

We have visited Aquarium Pula twice so far. It is housed in an Austro-Hungarian fort Verudela, and is bigger every time we visit.

You would never guess it was once used as a dump site for an Italian company. Now renewed it also hosts a rescue center for sea turtles.

Fort is not stroller or wheelchair friendly, so we used our baby carrier. There is a designated stroller parking space outside.

Aquarium has a small picnic space and a child playground at the ground level (used to be the moat), next to the turtle pond.

Tired of checking out all 211 sorts of the fish, reptiles and amphibians? Climb to the roof, where the old cannon used to be and admire the sea and islands from above.

This is definitely one of the top things to see in Croatia for anyone, and the kids will love it!

Discover the best thing to do in Croatia, view of impressive collection of structures with white walls and terracotta rooftops surrounded by lush gardens with green lawns and bushes and some trees under a bright sky

11. A day trip to Varaždin from Zagreb

Suggested by Lemonicks

Our visit to Varaždin happened quite by chance. But now we consider it one of the most unique places in Croatia.

We had a day spare while staying in Zagreb when a friend suggested train travel to Varaždin located about 80 KM North of Zagreb and we didn’t regret the decision at all.

The town, though small, bore testimony to the fact that in the middle ages, it was the Capital of Croatia (Yes Sir!) and anyone who was someone had a palace in Varaždin.

This 12th century town was perhaps one of the best-preserved town with its beautiful houses and baroque palaces.

While the Sermage Palace, one of the iconic buildings, now playing host to the Gallery of Old and Contemporary Masters, the Herzer Palace is now the Entomological Museum and has one of the biggest collection of insects.

Most impressive iconic structure is the 14th century Varaždin Fort, with all the trimmings including a drawbridge and a watchtower.

This is also called Stari Grad or Old town and is now a museum, housing artefacts, paintings other objects that showcase Varaždin’s noble and rich past.

For those so inclined we recommend a visit to the well-manicured and a beautiful cemetery. The tree and bush lined walking tracks of this peaceful final resting place, is less than a kilometre from the fort.

Anyone wondering what to do in Croatia in September should head straight to Varaždin!

The town is famous for Varaždin Baroque Evenings, a music festival held in September at its University – it’s one of the best things to do in Croatia in September!

If you’re wondering what is there to do in Croatia that is truly unique, Varaždin should be on your Croatia itinerary.

Enjoy some fun things to do in Croatia, ornate stone fountain and pond with green lilies and vegetation on the water leading to a platform with three stone statues of figures in robes with the central one holding a trident with a tall stone structure behind and a backdrop of thick green trees with the sunlight hitting the tops

12. Trestno Arboretum

Suggested by The Whole World is a Playground

Trsteno Arboretum is a beautiful botanical garden located 18km north of Dubrovnik.

The gardens date back to the 1400s and, after featuring in Game of Thrones, have become a popular spot for Dubrovnik visitors.

The turquoise Adriatic Sea and the small fishing village of Trestno provide a spectacular backdrop and the view from the terraces are wonderful.

The gardens are lush and tropical and a chorus of frogs welcomes visitors to its paths.

One of the highlights is a pond overlooked by statues of Neptune and two nymphs and, as well as the interesting assortment of greenery, there are ruins and sculptures amid the lavender filled air.

Game of Thrones fans will recognise Trestno Arboretum as the gardens from King’s Landing and the spot where Sansa met with Lady Tyrell to discuss whether Joffrey will make a good husband for Margaery.

This is an absolute must do in Croatia for game of Throne fans!

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Find out what is there to do in Croatia, people walking along a very lengthy section of fortified stone wall leading up the side of a tall hill topped with rocks covered in green foliage all bathed in bright sunlight

13. Ston – Home to the second largest city wall in the world

Suggested by Swedish Nomad

Ston was a major fort in the Ragusan Republic, and was very wealthy and important during that period thanks to its salt production.

The small town is located in the southern part of Croatia, about 1 hour driving from Dubrovnik.

In addition to storage and salt production in large quantities, Ston is also home to the longest city wall in Europe and second longest in the world, after the Great Wall of China.

It’s pretty impressive to go for a walk here, and indulge not only in history, but also in some fantastic scenery.

If that weren’t enough to get you excited, you can also come here to eat some of the best oysters in all of Europe (if not the whole world).

Ston is definitely a Croatia must-see for history buffs, or anyone interested in stunning landscapes.

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Make sure to take your next summer holiday in Croatia, two side-by-side pictures of plates of food, one with a jumble of colourful pieves of vegetables and octopus rings and the other featuring fried whole octopus and squid with a slice of lemon

14. Eat Octopus!

Suggested by Get Lost With Jackie

Traveling to Croatia is a great excuse to try out all of the seafood possible. From mussels and clams to fish and everything in between – Croatia is home to some seriously delicious seafood.

One particular seafood you can’t miss out on is octopus. Each region in Croatia prepares seafood a bit differently and every chef/restaurant will have their own specialty, as well.

However, two common ways you can try the tasty tentacles are either hot or cold. They’re surprisingly refreshing during summer in Croatia.

When trying cold octopus in Croatia it will typically be tossed with tomatoes and onions in a light coating of olive oil with salt and pepper – perhaps even tossed over some arugala.

If opting to try hot octopus I highly suggest going for a grilled option – it’s typically coated in butter and lemon juice before being tossed on the grill and its delicious.

Either way, when opting for octopus in Croatia – you won’t be disappointed!

Research what to see in Croatia for your next vacation, people walking around a tall stone building with curved walls and topped with a low dome next to a tall stone tower with several floors displaying ornately carved windows and finished with a pointed turret under the wide blue sky with some clouds

15. Explore Zadar’s historical center

Suggested by World in Paris

Despite not being one of Croatia’s musts, Zadar is an interesting walled city with a rich history and nice monuments.

Start your visit at Zeleni Square, where you can still see some remains of the Ancient Roman Forum and its temples.

Today, the square is dominated by St. Donatus Church, an unusual circular byzantine-style church and the symbol of the city.

Explore the forum’s surrounding streets and discover beautiful medieval churches, Venetian-style architecture and small squares with nice cafes.

Don’t forget to stop at Zadar’s traditional market, with seasonal products at cheap prices.

At sunset, head to the coast to admire the Sea Organ. Zadar’s most popular attraction consists of a system of pipes and whistles built on the perforated stone stairs that descend into the sea.

When the movement of the waves pushes air through it, the Sea Organ plays enchanting tones that bewitch visitors and locals alike.

Visit these unique places to visit in Croatia, view from the ground of a tall stone church building and pointed tower complete with bell visible between several palm trees all under a clear blue sky

16. Visit Trogir

Suggested by Show Them The Globe

Trogir is a historic town and harbour close to Split on the Adriatic coast and is one of the most unusual places to visit in Croatia.

The tiny town is protected by medieval walls and has beautiful churches, palaces and quaint narrow streets filled with quirky shops and cafes.

The Cathedral of St Lawrence is one of its most famous sights and climbing the bell tower is a popular activity which rewards with beautiful views.

Trogir is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also famous as a filming location for Game of Thrones with the town representing the trading harbour of Qarth in the popular show.

St Dominic’s Monastery will be instantly recognizable to Game of Thrones fans and it was in Trogir that the Warlocks of Qarth stole Daenerys dragons.

Engage in some activities to do in Croatia this year, single sailing boat floating in a wide expanse of water next to some small rocky sections sticking out of the sea adjacent to a large pointed rock attached to the coast with the deep blue sea stretching off into the distance

17. Go on Adventure Sail Week

Suggested by The Downlo

A lot of people know The Yacht Week as an ultimate spring break style party trip, but Sail Week Croatia offers an entirely different way to island hop in Croatia.

An intimate live aboard yacht experience for up to 10 people, their Adventure Sail Week runs from Dubrovnik to Split with different outdoor activities at each port stop.

You’ll bike through Mljet Island National Park, hike in Hvar, kayak, SUP, and snorkel, all while sailing 1-3 hours a day.

The 7-day itinerary is incredibly affordable with prices starting at a little over $800 for a week in the Adriatic.

If you love sailing and being on the water and are wondering what to do in Croatia for a week, Adventure Sail Week might be the perfect activity for you!

💡PACKING TIP: Make sure you bring a good snorkel, water shoes and a fast-drying towel for all of the beach-going you’re about to do!

Discover what to do in Croatia in summer, harbour with one small rowing boat floating in the turquoise water next to coastline with some small buildings on one side and a more built up area visible on the horizon under a bright blue sky with white clouds

18. Explore Seaside Towns Outside of Split

Suggested by Penguin and Pia

While Split is a great city to explore, there are many other towns and villages in the area worth exploring.

So hop on the Bus #37 (this is also the bus that goes to the airport) and get of at stops such as Kastel Gomilica and Kastel Kambelovac.

You can walk along the sea, relax by the numerous beaches, go swimming in crystal blue water, or explore the small towns with their beautiful harbours.

This is probably the best thing to do in Croatia in the summer to cool off on a hot day!

If you want to discover a beautiful old town on a small island, then Trogir should definitely be on that list of places to visit from Split.

To get there, you also take Bus #37 and get off at the last stop. Oh, and if you’re looking for true Dalamatian cuisine, head to Restaurant Baletna škola. You will not be disappointed!

You can also rent a boat and sail around Split and the surrounding area if you know how to sail!

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Jump into some adventure activities in Croatia, aerial view of a very built up area with many buildings packed together all with terracotta rooftops under a wide blue sky

19. Climb the old city wall in Dubrovnik

Suggested by Travellers Archive

Dubrovnik is one of the most visited cities at the Adriatic for a reason.

The city lies in the very South of Croatia and is perfect for a weekend trip from anywhere in Europe and preferably in late spring or early autumn.

One of the best things you can do in the city it is definitely to take a walk on the Old City Walls that are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most picturesque attractions.

The main entrance to the Walls of Dubrovnik can be found just outside the main gate to the Old Town.

You can easily spend two hours wandering around the Walls of Dubrovnik, looking down to the crowded cobblestones streets, over to the old St. Lawrence Fortress and to the close island of Lokrum.

Look up to Srđ, the backyard mountain of Dubrovnik and let your gaze wander over the unbelievably turquoise water of the Adriatic.

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Get involved in some adventurous things to do in Croatia, person in red shirt, blue jeans and yellow helmet riding along a zip line looking out over a river running through a wide valley with rocky cliffs and peaks covered in green trees and bushes under a wide blue sky

20. Adventure in Omis

Suggested by Where in the World is Nina

While many flock to nearby Split, if you’re looking for adventure activities in Croatia, you should base yourself in Omis. This cute and small historic town packs a lot of punch.

With rocky mountains behind you and the gorgeous Dalmatian coast in front of you, you can chose from a plethora of activities.

Take a kayak out and go up and down the coast, or for something more extreme, go whitewater rafting and canyoneering in the Cetina river.

If you’re trying to stay dry, you HAVE to go zipling. You zip across the rocky mountains and over the Cetina River over a 8 line course that even requires a bit of hiking between the lines.

This is no 12 second zip and run and that’s it, it’s a half day run that’s unlike any zip line course you’ve done.

If you’d prefer to go horizontal instead of vertical, those crazy rocky cliffs are perfect for rock climbing as well.

Omis is one of the best adventure towns Croatia has! So if you’re looking for adventurous things to do in Croatia, it’s best to chill and base there rather than take day trips from the nearby cities.

Plan out what to do in Croatia for a week, view from the street of Pula's Coliseum with the ruins of the tall oval-shaped stone structure standing majestically above a line of green trees and a grassy lawn next to the sidewalk

21. Visit Pula’s Coliseum

Suggested by Travel Drafts

The town Pula in the north of Croatia has the 6th largest Roman Coliseum in the world. This Coliseum was used for gladiator fights and had the capacity for 23.000 spectators.

It is one of the best-preserved amphitheaters of the world, dating back to 27 BC. It is quite an imposing monument, the arena has 15 gates and the exterior walls are 32 meters high.

You can visit the inside of the arena and climb its stairs. The ticket price for the Amphitheatre is 50 kn, and it is open every day from 9h to 20h, depending on the period of the year.

It is an excellent place to learn about the Roman Empire and its influence in Istria while imagining the gladiator fights.

We recommend visiting the Amphitheatre of Pula as it is an impressive building and one of the best-preserved in the world. Besides, Pula is a good spot to start your trip through Croatia.

If you’re wondering what to do in Croatia in July for something unique, Pula Music Week normally happens around the beginning of the month – and is hosted at the Coliseum!

It’s safe to safe this festival is one of the most fun things to do in Croatia in summer for music lovers.

Check out some of the cool things to do in Croatia, aerial view of the Plitvice Lakes with numerous pools of vibrant green water surrounded by areas of green trees and shrubs with pathways winding through all next to a tall rocky cliff on one side

22. Marvel at the Plitvice Lakes

Suggested by Tripsionista

Plitvice Lakes is considered to be one of the most beautiful national parks in the world and also dubbed as one of the places to see before you die by big travel magazines.

Known for its beautiful 16 terrace lakes and numerous falls, this UNESCO heritage site should top your list of things to do in Croatia in summer.

The turquoise lakes are interconnected to each other and divided into 3 stations. Surrounding the area is a massive expanse of forested hills which creates a very scenic view.

The national park is only 2 hours away from Zagreb and an ideal day trip if you want to get away from the city a bit.

Or if you are on the way to the Dalmatian coast, is also an ideal stop before enjoying the Croatian beaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What should I not miss in Croatia?

There are so many amazing things to do in Croatia for any kind of visitor. However, some of the top Croatia must-see sites and activities for everyone are the Plitvice Lakes, Krka National Park and, of course, Dubrovnik!

✅ What is Croatia famous for?

Croatia has long been famous for its beautiful beaches and oranged-roofed cities. But nowadays it is also incredibly famous for being one of the main filming locations of Game of Thrones. Many people visit to see these sites, especially in the city of Dubrovnik.

✅ What is the best time to visit Croatia?

Summer in Croatia (June to September) is one of the most popular times to visit – and for good reason. Just remember to bring sunscreen because it gets HOT and sunny!

What are your favourite things to do and see in Croatia? Did we miss any of the must-do activities in Croatia? Let me know in the comments which things to do in Croatia are at the top of your bucket list! Or any Croatia must see sites we missed that you recommend!

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