17 Best Ksamil Beaches to Check Out in 2024

Last Updated on March 5, 2024

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Ksamil is a coastal town in Southern Albania, roughly 12 kilometres south of Saranda, known for its incredibly gorgeous beaches.

The Ksamil beaches feature numerous tiny and diverse shores dotted throughout the municipality. You’ll find some of the best beaches in Albania here.

Although there are some rocky beaches, most are sandy, which is unusual for the western Balkan coast.

Most beaches are more or less secluded, and Ksamil Beach is considered a true paradise, with its white sand and incredibly beautiful blue water, as well as a view of the Ksamil Islands in the backdrop.

Your ultimate guide to Ksamil, Albania, green hills rolling down to beach and coastline of islands next to blue water with mountains in the distance

The beaches of Ksamil are wonderful all year, but they have become highly popular because of their beauty. In the summer, most Albania beaches are very crowded.

But they are busy for a reason, Ksamil beaches are really incredible, so if you enjoy the summer feel, this is a terrific place to visit.

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If you want to avoid the crowds, there are some lovely beaches on the northern and southern borders of Ksamil, or you can come earlier in May, June, or later in September.

The Best Tips For Visiting Ksamil Beaches

  1. Coming by Bus: A bus runs every hour from Saranda to Ksamil, departing both towns every half hour and finishing at Butrint National Park.
  2. ATMs: Although only three are in town, utilize the one at the major bank. Some charge a steep 700 Lek fee.
  3. Day Trip vs. Overnight: While many visitors only visit Ksamil Beach for the day, you should attempt to spend at least one night in town and check out the trendy beach bars and amazing restaurants.
  4. Avoid August: It is too crowded and chaotic to visit in August. You have been warned!
  5. Beach Chairs: During the off-season, chairs are free with the purchase of a drink or meal. In the summer, though, they can reach 1,000 Lek per day.
  6. Views of the Sunset: Do not miss the sunset over the Ksamil Islands. Any beach bar or restaurant with a view of the islands would suffice!
  7. Secret Ksamil Beaches: If you travel outside of town, you can locate little coves for a more peaceful beach day. This is an excellent method to avoid the summer crowds.
Visit all the best ksamil beaches this summer, view of rocky coastline with peninsulas and rolling hills covered in grass and bushes stretching off into the distance all next to the clear turquoise waters of the sea

Where To Eat, Drink, And Chill At Ksamil Beach

  • The Corner: This pub is located on the main Ksamil beach area and is one of the greatest local hangouts in town.
  • Bianco Lounge Bar: This swanky bar offers views of the best Ksamil beaches—an excellent spot for a sunset drink.
  • Guvart Bar Restaurant: Located above the Ksamil Albania beaches, the balcony offers an ocean pier—fine fish and cocktails below. This is one of my favourite restaurants in Ksamil.
  • ABIORI Beach Bar Restaurant: Serves delicious Mediterranean and local cuisine. There’s also wood-fired pizza with a beautiful view.
  • Island Restaurant and Pizzeria: Wonderful moussaka and mussels from Lake Butrint overlooking the beautiful seaside in Ksamil.
  • Quick Food Beshiku: A good location near the beach for a quick snack or gyro.
  • Gjordeni Supermarket: Ksamil’s largest supermarket, selling drinks, snacks, and fresh fruit.

17 Best beaches in Ksamil

Because Ksamil is a coastal town, all the beaches are within walking distance.

Ksamil is easily accessible from outside the town via the coastal route SH81, approximately 12 kilometres from Saranda. A car would be perfect to see more of Albania and its lovely coastline.

If you do not have transportation, you can easily rent one in Saranda. If you don’t intend to travel far, renting a scooter can be a good way to explore the area.

Some beaches provide private or paid parking for visitors. If you want to keep to free parking, you may have to park a little further away from the main beaches during the peak months of July and August.

The best Ksamil beaches are fully booked during this time.

Ksamil is also accessible via bus. An hourly bus service between Saranda and Butrint along the main road, SH81, serves Ksamil. You can simply stroll to any of the beaches from there.

On a beach day, you can find anything on and around the many beaches.

There are numerous hotels, restaurants, beach bars, and shops where you may dine and drink while staying near the beach for the night.

Several water sports activities, such as peddling boats, canoes, jet skis, and rented boats, are also available.

Here are all the best beaches in Ksamil you must visit!

1. Plazhi Ksamilit

Find the best beaches in ksamil for your next vacation, view of sandy beach lined with green trees and small buildings seen across a wide expanse of clear turquoise ocean under a clear blue sky

You simply cannot talk about the best beaches in Ksamil without talking about Plazhi Ksamilit (Ksamil Beach) itself.

In fact, I would go so far as to say this is the best beach in Albania; after all, it’s the beach that made me fall in love with Albania beaches in the first place.

Ksamil is considered the gem of Albania, and this beach is a large part of that, with many calling it the most beauticul beach in Albania.

Of course, just be prepared for this beach to be packed in the summers. If you want space, you’ll need to arrive early.

However, if you are able to visit in the off-season (April-June and September – November), the weather is still ideal and there are almost no people!

But no matter when you visit, this is one of the must-see places to visit in Ksamil, and it’s worth the crowds!

2. Plazhi Ksamil 2

The Ksamil Islands are famous among tourists for their natural beauty, particularly the tranquil and beautifully clear turquoise ocean and the magnificent sand.

This is possibly one of the busiest places in Ksamil and a little fun fact, this was my first taste of Ksamil when I came here in 2017! A lot has changed since then and the summer can be too busy.

Restaurants nearby charge an exorbitant price for sunbeds and the restaurant ‘Tre Ishujt Restaurant & Lounge’ should be avoided, in my opinion.

A few years ago they stopped us from even setting foot on the public beach to watch the sunset which really left a sour taste in my mouth.

💡PACKING TIP: Make sure you bring a good snorkel, water shoes and a fast-drying towel for all of the beach-going you’re about to do!

3. Plazhi Ksamil 9

Plazhi Ksamil 9 is located just a hop, skip and jump from Bora Bora Beach and where the Cocoa Beach Bar is located.

This small rocky beach gives you a feel of what Ksamil beaches used to be like, before it was developed heavily into sandy beaches.

This beach is pretty small, but a nice semi-secluded bay which isn’t as busy as some of the other beaches nearby.

Additionally, Cocoa beach bar is a great hangout for the day with friendly staff and a great sunset spot!

4. Bora Bora

Find your favourite places to visit in ksamil, view of islands silhouetted against the burnt orange setting sun as it slips below the horizon under a clear dusk sky with various jettys holding up outdoor seating areas nearby

Ksamil, Albania, is well-known for its gorgeous beaches. Plazhi Bora Bora is no exception. It’s simple to get there by car, and there’s a parking lot only 50 metres from the beach.

The parking area can accommodate around 30 vehicles. The beach’s main surface is white sand. It is approximately 100 metres long and 25 metres wide. However, there are numerous little concrete piers.

There is a lot of beach infrastructure here. Sunbeds, umbrellas, and pedal boats can all be rented here.

The water entry is pleasant, and swimming begins quickly; you jump from a pier or go into the sea and begin swimming after only 5 metres.

If you want to make this your holiday location in Albania, various flats and hotels are nearby.

Restaurants and beach bars are located right on the beach. It’s a highly active area. This is one of the busiest Ksamil beaches.

5. Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is a great name for this idyllic spot. A little cove of beautiful white sand is dotted with umbrellas and chairs. Then sit in one of the chairs and spend the day gazing out at the lake.

There are restaurants and pubs where you can enjoy excellent meals and sip refreshing wine, but be prepared that some places around here can be very overpriced and expensive.

The beautiful blue sea creates modest waves against the shore, making this a great family destination.

The best way to get to Paradise Beach is to drive yourself, rent a vehicle or motorbike, or take a cab from Saranda.

6. Lori Beach

Lori Beach Ksamil is ranked one of the best in the area. The beach is considered one of the best Ksamil beaches because of its tiny bay with sparkling turquoise sea and golden sand.

Therefore, no special shoes are required. The sharpness with which you enter the water is natural.

This beach is suitable for families, solo travellers, relaxation retreat lovers, elders, and so on. During the peak season, it can get a little congested.

The Lori beach beachfront is open to everybody. This beach features loungers, umbrellas, a beach café, and bathrooms.

Participating in various water activities, such as catamarans or jet skis, is also feasible. During the season, a lifeguard patrols this beach line.

Several activities, in addition to swimming and sunbathing, are also available here.

This beach is easily accessible because it is close to the road. Parking is available right on the beach.

7. Puerto Rico

Ksamil, an Albanian town, boasts a variety of gorgeous beaches. This one is called Plazhi Puerto Rico, located right next to Lori.

This beach’s main surface is white sand, although there are some small stones and a concrete pier. 

If you are looking for one of the best Ksamil beaches, this one is perfect! There are also some trees, and you may rent an umbrella and a sunbed.

The water entry is beautiful; you can leap from the pier or walk about 15 metres to begin swimming.

There is also a beach bar here, and if you want to stay longer, you may rent an apartment or rooms or stay in a hotel.

8. Ksamil islands

Your Local Guide to Ksamil, Albania, Aerial shot of green-covered islands and clear blue water with mainland Albania in background

The islands, part of the protected Butrint National Park, are small but attractive and lush.

Uninhabited islands stand before Ksamil’s main beach (tre ishujt). A lot of people say that these are the best Ksamil beaches.

The entire setting feels like a paradise, and you might forget you’re in Europe. The Ksamil Islands are easily accessible by boat, and numerous boatmen along the Ksamil beaches offer trips to the islands.

Because the islands are so near the mainland and the sea is so calm, you can even swim there—especially the two nearby islands, which you can swim to in minutes.

Renting a pedal boat or canoe is another alternative.

In the summer, there are some pop-up bars on the Ksamil islands, and you may rent per day sun beds and umbrellas at the twin islands’ beach (the stretched-out island furthest away from the mainland).

Everything on the islands is closed outside of the summer season.

9. Plazhi Cubana

Cubana beach Ksamil is the most beautiful beach in the area. Peaceful, quiet, no loud music, vacant – because the rough drop into the sea families with children should be careful.

The bar serves just basic drinks and excellent espresso. Also, a rocky peninsula always has a light breeze regardless of wind direction. The sunsets are spectacular.

There are a lot of fish and crabs straight off the beach.

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10. Plaża Augusto (The LAST Bay)

The Last Bay Ksamil, as the name suggests, is one of the final major beaches in Ksamil. It is located at the village’s southern edge.

The Last Bay beach is white sand than many other Ksamil beaches. It still has the same lovely water, possibly enhanced by the presence of stones rather than sand.

It is much quieter than the other Ksamil beaches because of its strategic location. Avoiding crowds during the busy summer months is an excellent option.

It is also more natural and less developed. The beach is served by an outstanding restaurant and bar that provides wonderful cuisine, drinks, and Wi-Fi.

The music is quieter than at some of the city’s most popular bars and restaurants. It’s a nice area to escape the commotion and crowds of Ksamil’s core.

If you arrive in the afternoon, the loungers and umbrellas cost roughly 1000 Lek for a pair or half price.

11. Gjiri I Hartës

Gjiri I Harts is an isolated beach on the Albanian Riviera shore near Ksamil. The beach contains a modest public section where you can simply lay down your towel and a huge privately run section.

Local fishermen may work with enormous fishing traps from the beach, while Ksamil and the Ksamil Islands can be seen on the horizon.

Because private individuals mostly run Gjiri I Harts, there are numerous facilities. There is a bar, restaurant, contemporary restrooms, and changing rooms.

There are also loungers, umbrellas for rent, and piers to plunge into the lake. You can also take a boat ride or rent a pedal boat or jet ski.

You may get to Gjiri I Hartes by taking the road between Saranda and Ksamil and exiting right before Ksamil, passing past the local fish market.

Because parking is free at the beach, the most convenient method to get there is by car, rental car, or motorbike.

However, taxis from Saranda or Ksamil will also take you there and pick you up. You can also take the bus from Saranda to Butrint, which will drop you near the main road exit.

The beach is already accessible, so it’s not a long walk.

12. Mirror Beach

Head to the beaches in ksamil this year, view of small secluded beach lined with neatly arranged beach umbrellas and sun loungers nestled in the middle of some large rolling hills covered in grass and trees with rocky cliffs in the foreground and the turquoise sea behind

Currently, Mirror Beach is one of the more remote beaches, owing to the difficulty of reaching it.

This beach is ideal for anyone who appreciates a good stroll before jumping into brilliant blue waters for sunbathing.

The azure waters, white-sand beaches, and cliffs visually stimulate the hike. And there are some stunning sights along the way.

Mirror Beach can be found halfway between Saranda and Ksamil. You may get there by taking the bus that runs every hour between Saranda and Butrint.

Instruct the driver to drop you off at Plazhi I Pasqyrave (Mirror Beach) and then walk downhill for about 15 minutes to the beach. You can also rent a taxi or car to get about on your own.

But be careful that the final section is a rocky, pothole-filled dirt road. Therefore be cautious of your car, or you can walk the rest of the way.

Mirror Beach is unique not only because it is one of the best Ksamil beaches but because it is calm and secluded, making it an ideal getaway from hotels in Saranda or Ksamil.

Mirror Beach has few amenities, although it has one bar and restaurant. You can rent loungers with umbrellas here, although laying your towel on the beach is also acceptable.

13. Kep Merli

One of the best Ksamil beaches! Kep Merli Beach is a private beach near Ksamil, Albania, is breathtakingly gorgeous, with blue waves and white sand.

The beach is on the Ionian Sea, surrounded by lush green hills and mountains. While extremely busy during peak season, it remains one of the area’s most popular beaches due to its outstanding vistas.

The shallow waters are suitable for swimming, sunbathing, and swimming, and there are several opportunities to explore marine life.

The restaurant nearby also serve traditional cuisine, such as seafood meals made from freshly caught fish or grilled meats served with salads and vegetables produced on the property.

Just be aware that this is a luxury property so you will be paying more than usual. It’s loved by Albania’s own, Dua Lipa and a hotspot for many other celebrities.

14. Arameras Beach

Arameras Beach is a private beach located south of Ksamil, hidden among the trees of Butrint National Park. The beach is located south of Ksamil in a rural region.

You can get there by taking the road (Rruga Riviera) from Ksamil and following it along the town beaches in the same direction as Pema e That Beach.

Arameras Beach is best reached by private vehicle, rental car or motorbike, or taxi from Ksamil or Saranda.

The first section of the road is cemented and offers stunning views of Ksamil from the hill.

After a time, you must turn right (simply look for a sign that says Arameras Beach), and the road is unpaved, but not as difficult as other roads to other beaches.

Parking is free at the beach. Sunbeds, umbrellas, and a café and restaurant can be rented at Arameras Beach. There are also restrooms available.

15. Pulëbardha Beach

Why not try out cubana beach ksamil this summer, aerial view of coast lined with white sandy beaches and rocky outcrops next to crystal clear turquoise seawater on one side and rolling grassy hills on the other

Pulbardha Beach (Plazhi I Pulbardhes) is a beach frequented by seagulls. The beach is a lovely paradise that is calm and private while still having everything you need.

It’s tucked away and surrounded by rocky but lush terrain, and the turquoise-coloured water is crystal pure.

 It’s a great area to escape the city and enjoy the scenery. You may get there by taking the bus that runs every hour between Saranda and Butrint.

Inform the driver that you want to be dropped off at the correct exit of the main route SH81 at Plazhi I Pulbardhes.

Be advised that as you exit SH81, you will be travelling on a dirt road, and the final section is in poor shape, rough, and full of potholes, so drive carefully.

Be advised that the shore is still a 20-minute walk away. You can also rent a taxi or car to get about on your own.

There is a restaurant on the rocks at Pulbardha Beach that is pretty wonderful.

From the restaurant, you can gaze down at the beautiful blue water, but you also have a great view of the beach and Saranda’s Bay.

Another beach bar is located further down, practically concealed behind the rocks. On Pulbardha Beach, you may also rent beach chairs and umbrellas.

16. Pema e Thatë

Pema e Thate is a privately run beach in the southernmost point of Albania. Even though the beach might get crowded in the summer, the surroundings are gorgeous.

The beach features several little quiet bays hidden behind the trees of Butrint National Park. On the beach, you can see the Greek island of Corfu, which is so close that you can almost swim to it.

Pema e That is isolated and can only be accessible by boat or a short, partly paved road through the forest from Ksamil.

So you’ll need to drive yourself, rent a car or motorcycle, or arrange for a taxi to bring you and pick you up.

At the beach, you can rent chairs and umbrellas or splurge on one of the beach tents hanging above the ocean for a spectacular view.

There are multiple pubs, a restaurant, and a pizzeria, so you’ll have many food and drink options, as well as toilets and changing rooms.

Other boats offer journeys to surrounding destinations such as secret bays or Ali Pasha’s Castle. We can proudly say that this beach is one of the best Ksamil beaches!

17. Tongo Beach

Explore the best beach in albania this year, aerial view of small tree-covered island with sandy beaches sitting in the middle of a large expanse of turquoise seawater with other grassy peninsulas and rolling hills nearby

Tongo Beach is only accessible by boat that you can catch from either the centre of Ksamil or Saranda.  

If you’re truly looking for a beach getaway without the hordes of sunbeds and beach bars, then this could be a great daytrip for you. This beach is truly natural and one of the best to visit in my opinion.

It is located right on the border of Greece too!

Ksamil is a wonderfully lovely section of Albania. The Greek island of Corfu is visible from almost anywhere.

The people are kind, and the sun is always shining. The best Ksamil beaches in the southern portion of the Albanian Riviera are a pleasure for all summertime lovers.

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I hope you enjoyed this breakdown of all the Ksamil beaches you can visit. Now it’s up to you as to which ones you’ll visit first!

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Does Ksamil have sandy beaches?

Absolutely! In fact, many Ksamil beaches are sandy, despite this not always being the norm in Albania, or the Balkans as a whole. But while there are many sandy beaches in Ksamil, many are not, as well.

✅ Are the beaches in Ksamil private?

Yes, there are a few private beaches in Ksamil, such as Kep Merli, Arameras beach and Pema e Thatë. However, many Ksamil beaches are public.

✅ Can you swim to Ksamil islands?

Yes, it is totally possible to swim to the Ksamil Islands as they are relativley close to the shore. Some can even be reached in a few minutes. But it is not adviseable to try and reach some of the further islands if you are not a strong swimmer, or without a boat.

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